Extended Stay in Athens

ATHENS – One of the top juniors in the state, and perhaps in the region, visited Georgia for an extended visit.

The Bulldogs hosted Ray Drew, who is already near the top of many junior lists floating around. Drew, from deep south Georgia, traveled much of the day to take in Georgia – and he left impressed.

"I got to Athens and Coach Bobo was waiting on me," Drew said. "They gave me an itinerary just for me. We met with the coaches and the academic people. We also went to the stadium. They had a highlight package of the team. I really was not expecting. It was more than I expected. They really took time out to impressed me."

And impress Drew they did. The rising senior said that Georgia is in the middle of a turf war for his services. Florida State, which is only a short drive from his home, appeared to have an early lead in the recruiting process, but Drew said that he's keeping an open mind. He also said the Dawgs need to keep up what they are doing because he likes it.

"Georgia just has to do what they have been doing – I am open. Just because Florida State is right down the road does not mean I am going there," he said. "I am going to pray about it and talk with my parents about it. I want to see what everyone has to offer."

That means Drew will take in many southern schools over the next few months. Georgia, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Florida – the list goes on and on. Drew is interested in seeing what's out there and getting ready to narrow his choices down.

"We are going to start getting serious about recruiting very soon," Drew said. "One mistake people make, I think, is that people wait until the end and their head is in a whirlwind."

Drew is not interested in that at all. Whirlwind is not a good way to describe the way Drew plans on living out his recruitment. Still, he's not quite ready to name top schools or even give many hints.

"Nothing has clicked yet where I have said: this is the place I want to spend the next four to five years of my life. That's not happened yet, but I think it will," he said.

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