Dawgs Will Be Difficult Out in SECs

ATHENS – This, tonight, is the reason why SEC foes should be nervous about Georgia in the SEC Tournament.

For the third time this calendar year the Bulldogs proved that they can play with just about anyone on their home court. I know; I know… the SEC Tournament is in Nashville this year – not in Athens. But the way things are going right now the SECs are setting up almost perfectly for the Bulldogs.

Even though Georgia could win a few more of their games, it seems like a stretch that they will escape the SEC East's number six seed (the ditch that was dug in the first eight games of conference play will be too much to overcome). That would mean that the Bulldogs would be matched up with Alabama, Auburn or LSU in the first round of the SECs, which is a very winnable game.

Sure, the Dawgs could escape the cellar, but that seems a little unlikely even though the second half of Georgia's SEC schedule is much easier than their first. They get to host South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida, which makes all of those games difficult, but winnable. Also, West foes Alabama and LSU are not so great, and are also games Georgia can win.

However, the Bulldogs are not consistent enough – they don't have the bench and have not yet proved that they have learned how to play steady at the end of games – to make a real run at the end of the season. But it's certainly possible that they could do damage in Nashville. The reason is simple: Tournament play is different than regular season play.

You can get hot; you only travel once; some teams are not interested in being there; some teams don't play well in strange places; your draw is the most critical thing as there are times when it's not so bad to be a lower seed – all of those things can and will effect Georgia's 2010 SEC Tournament.

As it stands at this moment Georgia would play Alabama on Thursday in the afternoon in the first round of the SECs. They can win that game. They would then play Vanderbilt… the team they just beat. Suddenly they are hot and in the semifinals, but in the semi that does not include Kentucky – perfect.

If the Dawgs end up as the East #6, that would lead some to think (and understandably so) that they are either the #11 or #12 team in the conference. I don't think they are that right now because the West is so weak comparied to the East. I think it's possible by the time the SECs kick off that Georgia could be as high as the seventh-best team in the league.

You can see it coming together, but you can also see that Georgia is one (or probably two) player(s) away from being back in the NCAAs. It should be noted (by recruits particularly) just how important those one or two players can be.

But ask yourself this question, SEC coaches, which of you wants to play Georgia next week let alone in the SECs? None of you? That's what I thought.

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