It Makes You Wonder

ATHENS – What if's… you don't get do-overs in sports. But Georgia's win over Florida does make you wonder.

It makes you wonder just how good this team could be with one more option… that one additional player to get them over the top. The guy who could spell Dustin Ware at the point… the additional ten points a night from a three guard. Just one more player – the things that would do…

It makes you wonder just where this team would be sitting had what looked like two close wins not turned into two close losses because of poor free throw shooting.

It makes you wonder where Georgia would be if they were playing in the SEC West. Would they be fighting for that division title? They may be the team at the bottom on the standings in the East, but they are in the middle of the pack in the SEC as a whole.

It makes you wonder what Mark Fox could do with a little more time in Athens. The success has been there this season, and the Dawgs are more competitive. The Bulldogs have already won more games in the conference and overall than they did last season with pretty much, but not totally, the same players.

It makes you wonder just how good Travis Leslie could be. People talk about his NBA future (which he should not consider until after next season), and I really think he has one. I wrote earlier this year about Trey Thompkins needing that steady player to be by his side for this team to be successful… that's happened.

It makes you wonder if Georgia will end the season at 7-9 and as the five seed from the East (yeah, 7-9… I said it and will get into that more in a second). That's not going to be the "easy" road in the SEC Tournament because it looks like Kentucky will be the one seed even with the loss to the Vols on Saturday. If Georgia ends up as the six seed they will be the most dangerous six seed since they won the SEC Tournament in 2008.

It makes you wonder if Georgia will beat Kentucky at home on Wednesday night. Georgia can beat Kentucky in Athens... in fact, I am starting to think they will. I am not sure they can do the same in Nashville. The Dawgs had the Cats on the ropes during the first game of the season, but let them off the hook. Now an unsteady Kentucky comes to Athens… the Cats need to watch it.

It makes you wonder if Georgia can win the SEC Tournament. I think they can if they are the six seed from the East. That would mean they would avoid Kentucky in the second round… and they would be playing Ole Miss in the first round, and that's a winnable, but challenging first game. Georgia might not be a better team than Vanderbilt, who they would face in the quarterfinals, but the argument could be made that Georgia should be 2-0 against Vandy rather than 1-1. That would get you a semifinal against (as of today) Mississippi State – winnable game, Tennessee – already have a win, or Alabama – already have a win. In the finals Georgia would just have to play well… and hope the Cats are not there.

It all makes you wonder just how bright the future could be.

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