Dawgs Covet "Most Versatile" Defender

ATHENS – Perhaps the most versatile top defensive recruit in Georgia visited his home-state school today.

Monroe's Stephon Tuitt drove about a half an hour to learn a little more about what the coaches at Georgia would have in store for him if he picked the Bulldogs. He came away with a lot of information.

"They told me I could play as many as three different spots for them," Tuitt said. "I spoke with Coach Garner and the other defensive coaches one-on-one. They said I could play will linebacker, mike linebacker or defensive end for them."

The spectrum of the front seven of the 3-4 is almost covered by Tuitt it seems.

"They said I was versatile," Tuitt said. No kidding.

Tuitt's body is almost ready for the college game right now. Big and physical with the ability to rush the passer and deliver knockout blows, Tuitt is the type of big-bodied prospect new Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham is searching for.

"I really liked hearing about the 3-4 because that's what we are going to play in the spring," the prospect said. "But I will be playing defensive end for sure in high school."

At of the talk about where he would fit and at what position he would play gave Tuitt details about what his future could be at Georgia. Head coach Mark Richt said a few words, too.

"He was talking with a lot of folks, but he told me that he was glad that I made it over for the day. We were not able to stay long, but I was glad we drove over," he said.

Tuitt may have gotten the soft sell from Richt and Grantham about coming to Georgia, but he got the hard sell from a current Georgia commit.

"Amarlo Herrera kept telling me that I needed to commit to come play at Georgia," Tuitt said. "He kept telling me that he wanted me to come play with him and everyone else."

Tuitt may come to Georgia, but he wasn't interested in committed to the Bulldogs right now.

"I'm not ready to commit to anyone right now."

Grantham, Richt, and, perhaps most importantly, Herrera are eagerly hoping he does.

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