Dawgs Fighting for Dickson

ATHENS – Xzavier Dickson will admit it… it would be fun.

That is to play in the 3-4 for the same coach who had DeMarcus Ware at the same spot last year.

"It would be good," the Griffin native said.

The challenge for Georgia will be to convince one of the state's best defensive ends to come and play outside linebacker for the Bulldogs – not Alabama. It will be a challenge indeed.

Dickson said he had a good time today in Athens. In fact, he spent the night in the Classic City with Corey Moore, who is committed to the Dawgs. Dickson indicated that the trip helped Georgia.

"It was good to come here and check things out with Corey," said Dickson, who favors the Tide at the moment. "This did help me know what it would be like at Georgia."

Dickson said he would like to try out the outside linebacker spot. He said it was different than what he plays right now for the Griffin Bears.

"I am a defensive end in high school," he said. "But today Coach Grantham was talking with me about being a linebacker who would rush as well as drop back in coverage a little bit."

Dickson said he was happy to learn more about how Georgia would use him in their defensive scheme – saying that he loved talking with Grantham about how he could be used the same way the Cowboys used Ware.

"That's exciting," the prospect said. "I know who DeMarcus Ware is, and I would be playing the same spot for Coach Grantham that Ware played for him last season."

The notion of playing outside linebacker for the Bulldogs is one thing, but Dickson wanted to talk with the staff about another thing, too.

"I wanted to make sure where I stood with early playing time," Dickson said. "I wanted to know how much I would get."

That may be a difficult thing to judge for the Bulldogs right now as they are only setting their defense up right now for spring practice of 2010 – not thinking a ton about how the fall lineup in 2011 is going to look.

But if Grantham's statements about "recruiting in the morning" is any indication, the new defensive staff has identified Dickson as a player they need to complete their recruiting plans in the future. The switch to a 3-4 instead of a 4-3 defense is one reason why Dickson didn't get offered as early as Alabama. The Bulldogs need him more now than they did then - because of the scheme alone.

Only time will tell what Dickson will do. His teammate, Moore, however, has a suggestion.

"He's been telling me that he wants me to go to Georgia with him all day," Dickson said.

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