2010 Spring Tidbits: Practice No. 2

ATHENS - Fletcher Page's tidbits from Georgia's second spring practice

St. Patrick's Day is nearing, but there wasn't much green on the practice field as Georgia went through it's second spring practice Tuesday. Only Fred Munzenmaier was in green today. That's an encouraging sign following spring break. Here's some tidbits from the brief 4-period session I was allowed to watch….

Defensive backs worked on backpeddling, and breaking once the football is thrown. The first group went like this: Brandon Boykin, Vance Cuff at corner, with Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams at safety The second unit consisted of Branden Smith, Sanders Commings, Jakar Hamilton and Nick Williams. Just the second day, so how much you want to read into the lineups is up to you.

Logan Gray and Aaron Murray were splitting time with the No. 1 group at quarterback. Murray ran through a full team rep as the No. 1 once. Gray took over for a drill involving just the running backs. So, no real gauge yet in this battle.

Ealey and King continue to be interchangeable. I judge the No. 1 back by who is going with Shaun Chapas, and No. 2 by who is running behind Fred Munzenmaier. They split time behind both equally.

Inside lineman worked with Garner pushing the sled.

Outside linebackers worked with defensive coordinator Todd Grantham. Richard Samuel, Cornelius Washington, Justin Houston, Montez Robinson, Reubon Faloughim among others, were in this group.

Coach Belin was with the inside linebackers, and he provided some sound-bytes today. "I want us to move fellas, now, run after the ball. MOVE!!!" "Do it my way, that's the way you're going to do it." "Rotation. Finish It." All were said loudly. Very intense. I like Belin. A lot.

Nothing too exciting going on with wide receivers or tight ends. The receivers worked on getting off the line of scrimmage, "explosively" as coach Ball demanded.

Tight ends worked in the blocking department.

As always, we only get to see 15-20 minutes….

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