Curran's 4.62 Opens Eyes

ATHENS – Rennie Curran needed a good Pro Day to make sure that his stock was as high as possible, and he did just that.

Why the pressure? To start, Curran, who most consider undersized, didn't have a great NFL Combine. Only after the fact did word start leaking out about a hamstring injury that made him drag to a disappointing 40-yard-dash number. He tweaked the hammy during the sprint, which lead to the dragging 4.7-something time in the 40.

So Curran set out to make Pro Day at Georgia his most important day yet, and he succeeded in strengthening nearly every number he had at the combine. The number that sticks out the most, however, is his new 40-yard-dash number… a 4.62.

Did Curran make the Titan's Chris Johnson blush? No, but that number did get the attention of behind-the-scenes decision makers. The 4.62 (which is unofficial, but low enough in the 4.6 universe to consider Curran a true 4.6 linebacker), along with his other numbers made for Curran having a tremendous day – a day, according to some decision makers, that probably made him a Friday pick.

It's not hard to understand why folks are chirping about Curran. He's improved his numbers. For instance:

On the bench Curran improved by two reps – from 25 up to 27, which is fifth best for linebackers in this draft class. It should be noted that while Curran checked in at a slender but jacked 229 on Tuesday, those with more reps also all outweighed him at the combine by at least ten pounds – some as by much as 25 pounds.

Even though he was two weeks removed from a hamstring, Curran dropped him 40-yard-dash time by at least a tenth of a second… maybe more depending on which scout's watch you believe. If he were a running back, or media lover boy Tim Tebow people would be drooling.

Most of all, Curran did well in actual football drills (I knew there was some actual pigskin in here somewhere).

What does it all mean? No one really ever knows. Matthew Stafford used Pro Day last year to earn himself the number one overall pick. Curran won't be making a Thursday appearance, but he might be able to hear his name called sometime Friday night thanks to his workout in Athens on Tuesday.

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