2010 Spring Tidbits: Practice No. 3

ATHENS - Fletcher Page's tidbits from Georgia's third spring practice

First day in shells (helmet, shoulder pads and shorts) for the Georgia football team. And there was an increase in attendance. In fact, Todd Grantham's brother, Tony, assistant coach at Navy, was watching practice. As were Brad Johnson, Prince Miller, Bryan Evans and more.

Interesting rotation during the first few periods on the defensive end of the field, as Belin, Lakatos, Grantham and Garner each directed a station, regardless of position.

Lakatos worked on stripping the ball from behind.
"You've got to chop down and be violent," he instructed.
At one point, while linebackers were at his station, Richard Samuel took his helmet off to get water. Gamble told him to get back in line, so there is an example of early leadership.

Belin was working on getting off blocks the proper way. He remained patient, allowing guys to go through reps multiple times if they didn't get it down perfect. I like the way he instructs the guys, telling them what to do, how to do it, and in a calm, yet still intense manner.
"Attack, get off. Linebackers have to go make tackles. Attack downhill," he said.

Garner worked on getting off the line of scrimmage and Grantham had his station getting off a block and pummeling a sled. Those two were out of earshot, so I couldn't get a quote.

After each group took one turn at each station, each postion went back to their specific coach.

Mettenberger took reps with the first team, as did Murray and Gray. Murray and Mett throw such beautiful passes. Not to downplay Gray, but the younger two are just at another level.

I saw A.J. Green drop a ball, albeit it was thrown behind him. Regardless, I will remember this day. Green let a yell out about the miss. I'm not kidding when I say I can't remember the last time I saw this in practice. I know it happens, but Green makes it look so easy, that you actually remember the times he misses one.

Saw the quarterback work with the tight ends some, throwing to the seam and a deep out. Tight ends are the real deal, but you already knew that. When Bruce Figgins is getting the third reps…well, yeah, that's depth.

Wide receiver is not as deep, but each of the six scholarship guys look good. Good mix of talent and skills, height and speed in this group. As long as injuries don't spring up, this position is set also. But, injuries happen. Here's hoping it's not to the this group.

More after practice...stay tuned...

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