Grantham's Juggles Backup OLBs

ATHENS - There have been some moves made behind the starting OLBs on the depth chart.

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Shakeup at outside linebacker

Houston, and Cornelius Washington are the projected starters at outside linebacker, but there have been some moves made behind the tandem on the depth chart.

Grantham announced the changes Tuesday.

"We moved Reubon Faloughi to Sam [strong], and Montez Robinson to Will [weak]," Grantham said. "So Reubon is now behind Cornelius and Montez is behind Justin. I thought that went really well. I was pleased thought, I really was."

Faloughi and Robinson, as well as Washington, made the switch from defensive end to outside linebacker, just like Houston.

"I think we're all in the same position," Houston said. "I think as defensive ends, you learn how to pass rush, but you don't learn how to drop in coverage. I think everybody is in the same shoes, learning how to drop into coverage."

Grantham settling in

Moving from the NFL back to the college coaching ranks could be considered a culture shock.

Professional players already have a foundation of knowledge and understanding. College coaches get players basically starting at square one.

Grantham shrugs off the notion of a culture shock, but says he has made some adjustments in his coaching approach.

"The level of teaching is different," he said. "You're taking guys that are really raw, and you're teaching them quite a bit of stuff. So you've got to make you're your mechanics, and methods of teaching are one that they can understand, and that they can improve. It's a little but slower process probably from that standpoint. But at the same time, I still think we'll get there. It just takes time."

So far, Grantham's message, and methods for delivering it, has worked.

"Coach Grantham is a good coach," said defensive end DeAngelo Tyson. "He gives me advice how to play, and how to make me a better person at the position. So, I think he is a good coach."

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