2010 Spring Practice Tidbits

Fletcher Page's Spring Practice Tidbits from practice No. 6

Watching practice today, I said to myself, ‘Don't you have enough sense to get out of the rain?'

Apparently not.

I braved the inclement conditions to pull a few tidbits…

Practice was in Sanford today, with the sidelines filled with high school football coaches. Georgia is hosting a coaching clinic for the next few days, and it was fun to see the different colors, and attire from each school.

Most reporters remained huddled under the bridge, as we were not allowed to see Periods A and B. These are the same periods where we caught a glimpse of A.J. Green returning punts last Saturday….Hmmmm….I wonder why we couldn't watch today.

Anyway, here's what I did get to see….

Caleb was back, full speed, and repping with the No. 1 unit with Washaun Ealey. Good to see Caleb back, and getting after it.

In green today: Marlon Brown, Mike Gilliard, Israel Troupe, Chase Vasser…and the regulars, such as Longo, Tanner Strickland and Sturdivant.

For those keeping up with what song the team breaks down on its pads while stretching, today's beat was courtesy of Ozzy Osbourne with "Crazy Train."

It didn't rain hard, but it was steady. The field conditions grew worse in the 20 minutes I was there, as I saw a few slips and falls out there.

I watched the running backs get work out of the I-formation, catching toss sweeps. To answer a question from a poster yesterday, I think Ealey's added weight has not slowed him down. Speed wasn't his game to begin with, but I think the weight suits him well.

Just when I think all I'll never see the quarterbacks throwing to anybody other than tight ends, I got to see them throw to wide receivers today. And… With Marlon and Troupe out of commission today, the receiver group looked thin. Paper thin. Razor thin. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen thin. You get the picture. But of the guys left, they look great. I saw A.J. make another tremendous leaping catch. One of those, "go up and get it" moments. I'm making it a point to put A.J. in all of my tidbit posts. You can never be reminded of greatness enough.

Despite the conditions, Tavarres King looked smooth in his route running. He seems to be carrying himself with more confidence. Could be the added weight. Or knowing he's going to have to step up this year. Either way, good to see.

Watched the defensive backs go through an interesting drill. They had to move laterally, mimicking a ball carrier 10 yards ahead of them. The catch: They kept their hands behind their back. The ball carrier would then burst forward, as the db had to get in proper position to make the tackle, all with his hands behind his back. I've told you, Lakatos is serious about this tackling business.

Also watched the safeties work through a drill where they had to back-peddle, at least 20 yards, in different directions, and then go up and catch a thrown pass. I did not see a dropped interception. I repeat: NO DROPPED INTERCEPTIONS. I told you, Lakatos is serious about going and getting the ball. I know you guys are craving this. And just to note: Jakar Hamilton has great ball skills. He catches the ball like a receiver. Kind of like Rambo. And Nick Williams. Trend? Yes.

Defensive ends worked on making moves to the outside, first on a dummy, then on each other. They worked on hand technique, and breaking out of initial blocks.

Inside linebackers worked on footwork, sliding laterally, and meeting the ball carrier in the hole. From there, they were working on initial contact, wrapping up, and driving. Noticed Dent there today, looking like the senior that he is. Every practice, another inside linebacker stands out to me.

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