Finding the New Defensive End

ATHENS – Former Georgia defensive ends Cornelius Washington, Justin Houston and Montez Robinson were pegged as perfectly suited to play outside linebacker in Todd Grantham's 3-4 scheme.

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All reports indicate the trio is thriving, but in their absence, the defense end corps is a bit of a mystery. Outside of senior Demarcus Dobbs, there aren't many proven players at the position. Dobbs said that's OK.

"I think we're holding up pretty well," he said. "The defense ends that have moved down to end from last year for the 3-4, I think we're getting it. It's takes time to get used to the spacing, and the 3-technique. It's different. It's a different experience, but in due time, with the help of coach [Rodney Garner] I think we're getting it."

The 3-technique differs from last season's normal 5-technique look. Grantham's scheme employs both techniques, but the end slated to use each differs from play-to-play.

Ends in the 3-technique line up outside of the offense guard, and are responsible for maintaining outside leverage. Those in the five, line up outside of the offense tackle. The change sounds easy, but it's fairly complicated for a group who played only the 5-technique for years.

"It's more quick," Dobbs said of the 3-technique. "It's more fast, and it's kind of hard to adjust to. [Garner] doesn't have us moving around that much, but those are the two positions that we mainly play."

Dobbs is a projected starter, but points to a few other names who, although unproven, have done well thus far in spring.

"I think Brandon Wood is coming along well," he said. "There's a couple of mental errors here and there, but his physical ability, you can see it on film. You can tell the guy has a bunch of potential.

"Kiante Tripp, he has that big body. He has an NFL-type body. All he needed was an opportunity, and I think he's taking advantage of this opportunity to really shine."

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