2010 Spring Practice Tidbits

Israel Troupe and Marlon Brown were both back at practice Tuesday. Find out which one was still in a green, non-contact jersey in Fletcher Page's Spring Practice Tidbits.

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Back to work after Saturday's scrimmage…I know coach Richt likes to follow up with good, clean practices, and the guys were back, hard at work today.

Israel Troupe was out there, 100 percent. He was participating in every drill, no green jersey. Marlon Brown was back in drills, but still in green. Mike Gilliard, Chase Vasser, and tight end Derrick Rich were in green and running sprints on the side.

Got to watch the quarterbacks go through mobility drills, maneuvering through dummies coach Bobo laid on the ground. The drill worked the trio on pocket presence, footwork, and driving through 3 and 5-step drops. Not really much to read into here, but Mettenberger has improved his footwork tremendously. Obviously, he's not as fleet of foot as Logan or Aaron, but he has worked hard to get better. Aaron and Logan looked smooth. Bobo really didn't have to correct any of the three as they worked, which is proof that this competition bringing the best out in each of these players.

Inside linebackers were still working on tackling, story of their spring. From my vantage point, Dent, Gamble, Robinson seem to have no trouble doing what coach Belin asks them to do. They have the proper technique, and I've yet to see any of those three have to redo a drill. However, Akeem Hebron struggled once, with his helmet placement. The moment offered a good Belin quote, which is quickly becoming my favorite thing to listen for in practice. "Go through the inside shoulder, son," he said. He went on to say that running backs can easily spin out of tackles if you pursue to the outside shoulder. Also Marcus Dowtin took a good verbal blast for loafing.

Later, I saw Dowtin seeking medical treatment from Ron Courson. Didn't look too serious. He was still walking, and talking fine. We'll find out more after practice.

Watched wide receivers work on the fade route. Coach Richt wanted tighter defense on his receivers, so he could really see how they were doing. "I need better defense. I want you jamming at the line. Play defense." Don't worry though, these weren't Georgia's corners he was calling out, just walk-on receivers. Still fun to see the likes of A.J. and Wooten going after the football in the corner of the end zone, no matter who they are skying over to get the ball.

I did see A.J. mess up once. But it was the greatest looking mess-up I've ever seen.

Watched the defensive backs work on getting back in coverage and catching the football. There is a lotof skill in this secondary. I really like Sanders Commings out there though, because of his size, and hands. But most of the guys look really good with getting back, locating the ball and pulling it down.

Still trying to get my head around this defensive line. Who will start at nose? Tyson, Geathers, Tripp….Thornton?

More to come later…

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