King to Miss Scrimmage

ATHENS - Caleb King won't participate in Saturday's scrimmage.

Tailback Caleb King sat out Thursday with knee soreness, and coaches won't risk further aggravating the injury by working him in today's scrimmage, a source said.

Head coach Mark Richt said Thursday that King was simply experiencing soreness and swelling from an old injury, and that no new injuries had arisen.

King is expected to return to practice next week.

Improvement coming in small doses for Brown

Hype sets the expectations, but it doesn't necessarily mean results will come in short order. That's a lesson Georgia fans have learned all too well when it comes to receiver Marlon Brown, who was one of the most coveted prospects at his position two years ago, but thus far his career with the Bulldogs has amounted to just two receptions.

"Marlon is a little bit raw and has to fine-tune his skills," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "He's getting close there, but he needs to practice."

That's been easier said than done for Brown since he first arrived in Athens last summer.

A hand injury set back his progress in fall camp last year, a series of nagging dings limited him at time during the season, and although he's been practicing during conditioning drills, he's donned a green non-contact jersey for the past week during spring practice.

That's one of the frustrations, head coach Mark Richt said. This spring in particular, Brown seemed to be making steady progress. But the injury bug has made life a bit more complicated.

"I felt bad when he got hurt," Richt said. "He looked so much quicker to me and a much smoother route runner this spring that he was in the fall. He's made great, great improvement."

The waiting game

Regardless of whether he wins the starting job, odds are Zach Mettenberger won't be playing in Game 1 of the season for Georgia after an offseason arrest last month that will most likely result in a one-game suspension.

Of course, there's still the matter of the on-field dynamics of getting prepared for the season – something that would be complicated if Georgia needed to start either Logan Gray or Aaron Murray in its first game, then make the switch to Mettenberger one week later.

That will be a problem, Bobo admits, but it's an issue he's hoping to avoid for as long as possible.

"Right now, we don't want them looking ahead, and I want us trying to get better," Bobo said. "We have a lot to get better at, and it's too early to decide that. We'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. In a perfect world, I don't want to rep two or three quarterbacks before the first game because we've still got to get a guy ready. But all of that is the head coach's decision, too, so we'll see."

Murray getting comfortable

One of the biggest things Bobo is still looking for in his next quarterback is a commanding presence on the field.

"I think all three have to work on that just because of being young," Bobo said. "They're in that role now of being that guy, and that was one of our main objectives this spring is we've got to take command of the huddle. That's a work in progress with all three."

Bobo gets no argument from Murray, who has never taken a snap in a college game and admits he's still getting used to the idea of being the leader in the huddle with 10 other returning starters.

But while the role of field general at Georgia is still a bit foreign, Murray said he's getting more comfortable each day.

"I think I'm slowly coming into that," Murray said. "Leadership comes with confidence, and the more confident I feel, that will start to come out more. So I just need to concentrate on making sure I know what to do before I can tell everyone else what they need to do."

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