What We Are Hearing

ATHENS – Dean Legge gives you some inside scoop in this edition of What We are Hearing.

The spring has come and is nearly gone. During that time the hope for the Bulldogs was to establish who the number one quarterback is, and to install most aspects of the 3-4 defense. Both are coming along pretty well, but they are not 100%.

As Mark Richt said last week, he will give a list of the quarterbacks 1-2-3, but he won't name a starter. My guess is that the list will go just as conventional wisdom suggests it would: 1. Aaron Murray; 2. Zach Mettenberger; 3. Logan Gray.

Now there could be some Matthew-Stafford-at-number-three stuff going on – like in 2006 when he was listed as the co-number three quarterback and then when everything went down he was in the game before Joe Cox and Blake Barnes. But I don't think that will happen. I think Richt will list his quarterbacks in the actual order they are in.

My guess is that he will announce the order the week after G Day, and not at G Day itself (at least I would really be surprised with him announcing it then).

As far as the defense is concerned, they have done pretty well. It's not where it needs to be, or probably where they want it, but the defense is complex – or more complex than the 4-3 was – and people think it will dictate pace and confuse offenses.

"It's like you don't know where they are coming form," someone in the program said. "I think offensive lines with young players, or young quarterbacks are going to have a difficult time dealing with it because you never know where the blitz is coming from, and you never know how many guys they are going to send."

Players on the defense really like the new staff. They were sad to see their former coaches go, but several have commented off the record that they "really, really do like the new coaches."

I think more than anything else everyone is excited to turn the page and start new – at least that's the feeling I get. Richt, particularly, has been different this spring. What I mean is that it seems to me, and other media folks I have spoken to, that he's more relaxed. He's not said this to me, or anyone that I know, but it seems Richt has just turned the defense over to Grantham, and that he feels like he doesn't have to worry about it. I've not seen Richt with the defense a ton this spring… I almost have never seen him on that side of the field. Now, we are only allowed out there so much, but still, I think it's noticeable.

With all of that said, however, the defense still has a little ways to go. I think this is the right system considering the players, but it is going to take a little time to get it right on the field.

As it relates to the Taxi story… when I asked around about that one no one single person in the program thought that four Georgia players… or even one Georgia player was involved.

"Stuff like that gets around," one person said. "You can't keep stuff like that quiet. If a player had done that everyone at Georgia would have known by Monday."

Another said: "That just didn't sound like any of our guys… it really didn't sound like it. I know it is serious, but it almost seemed like a joke. I mean, the story was out on April Fool's? It was strange. Plus, I've just never heard anyone talk like that…"

I really shouldn't talk about what goes on in the media room because all of that is off the record, but needless to say everyone in the media room thought the story sounded very, very strange. I think everyone found it hard to believe football players were involved, and as it turns out we were right.

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