Swann to Narrow List Soon

ATHENS – Damien Swann's trip to Athens as an abbreviated one.

However, it didn't take away from the experience he had.

"I didn't get there until the half because of the ACT," the Atlanta star said.

When he arrived from the testing, two Georgia commitments were waiting on him.

"I got to talk with Corey Moore and Amarlo Herrera. They met me at the gate," he said. "I think they were showing me that Georgia was their home. They were asking me about the ACT. They were excited to see me, and I was pretty excited to see them, too."

Swann seems to have developed a friendship with the duo, and said he talks with Herrera often.

"I talk with Amarlo every now and then, but we text a lot, too," he said. The pair discuss things other than football, but Herrera has been relentless about Swann playing with him in Athens.

Georgia's recruiting approach, like other schools, is to make sure Swann knows that he will be used not exclusively on defense – he will be asked to play some offense and will be used in the return game.

"All of the schools are saying the same thing – that I can return punts and play offense as well as defense," he said.

That would be a similar trajectory to current Georgia defensive back Branden Smith, and Swann knows it.

"Seeing what Branden did, coming straight out of downtown, it motivates me to do the same thing," he admitted. "The coaches have told me that I can come in and do the same sort of thing he did – playing both offense and defense."

Swann said he would perhaps like to narrow his list, but that he will hold off until after spring football in order to get as much exposure as possible for other prospects at Grady.

"I talk to my day almost every day about recruiting. We talked about narrowing it down to at least four or five schools here soon. I think with spring ball coming up I am going to at least narrow it down after spring. I want people to see our other players," he said.

But, Swann admits, he will keep two SEC powers in his final grouping.

"No question that Bama and Georgia will be in the top four or five," he said.

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