Richt Should Take Grantham with Him

ATHENS – Claude Felton sent out the list – that's what I call it – the list of Georgia Bulldog Club meetings in the summer.

I see where Mark Richt and Mark Fox will be headlining in Columbus, Savannah, Augusta, Macon and Atlanta. Richt will also make Fox-less pit stops in Albany, Griffin (hello Xzavier Dickson) and Statesboro.

What I didn't notice, and perhaps this will change or was not mentioned, is that Todd Grantham is not listed anywhere on any list for any town. Mistake.

Richt said it himself Saturday after G Day: "That's what you want – a guy that's got some fire in him."

So I say let the masses seen him up close… Grantham needs to be out there throwing the red meat. Is he a great public speaker? I don't know, but that's irrelevant.

Grantham is the new rock star at Georgia. The players love him, the recruits seem to like him a lot and the media is already in love with him. Richt is impressed, too.

But fans have only had so much interaction with Grantham, who is one of the most talked-about people added at Georgia since Richt arrived.

Grantham's family is still in Texas. He has said that he does not enjoy their absence, but has used it to concentrate on Georgia without guilt. Surely a little travel around the state for a couple Bulldog Club meetings wouldn't hurt. Actually, if Grantham only made the Atlanta meeting it would be a win for fans.

Let face it, Richt lost support in the fan base in 2009. People really doubted him for the first time. The crux of it was that people didn't think he would fire Willie Martinez. But Richt did, and he made a great, great hire to replace him.

He knows it, too. So why not show the hire off? I should say, right here, that I know that's not the way Mark Richt works. He's a modest guy… humble. But giving the fans what they want – a chance to hear from the latest greatest hero – is a good and smart thing to do, too.

For two years, really since the Alabama game in 2008, Georgia fans have dealt with a run they were not used to under Mark Richt. Faith, for lack of a better term, dipped in the head coach. Now, after the hire of Grantham and the coaches brought along with him, the fan base's confidence is back totally. The SEC title no longer seems so far out of reach as it did after losses to Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee this past fall.

Richt's move, painful as it must have been, is the catalyst for all of this "good feeling" surrounding the program. I think he would be right, and smart, to bring Grantham on the road with him this spring.

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