Tony Taylor Q&A

Dean Legge spent some time with Tony Taylor. Inside you will hear Taylor's thought on how spring practice is going so far.

Legge: How has practice been so far?

Taylor: Everybody is so anxious to get started with spring practice.

Legge: What are the coaches expecting from y'all this spring?

Taylor: Coach VanGorder really does not know what to expect because (the linebackers) are so young. He does not know what everybody can do. But he is trying to find out what everyone can do right now. As long as we are focused on what we are supposed to be doing, we will be all right.

Legge: Who is going to be the leader of the linebackers?

Taylor: I don't know, we are still searching for a leader of the linebackers. Hopefully if we work together that will be better than having just one guy leading.

Legge: Do you know how the linebackers are going to be split up for the spring game?

Taylor: No, we don't know that yet.

Legge: What has Coach VanGorder said to y'all about getting yourselves prepared for this spring?

Taylor: We have been doing a lot of drill work so far. We are just out here trying to make it happen.

Legge: Can you repeat as SEC champs?

Taylor: I think that we can do it. I hope that everybody else does. I know that a lot of young players coming in want to prove to everybody that we can still do it. 

Legge: Are you happy about being completely done with mat drills?

Taylor: Man, the waking up and the mat drills…

Legge: Which is worse, the actual drills or the waking up?

Taylor: The waking up. The drills are just a mental thing.

Legge: Who is the leader during the mat drills? David Greene said that (Billy) Bennett was pretty good…

Taylor: Yeah, but Bennett was sick so he missed a couple days. Ben (Watson) was leading a lot. He did a good job with them.

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