2010 Media Days: Legge's Look at Arkansas

BIRMINGHAM – Here's a look at the day Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino and the Razorbacks had at the SEC's annual Media Day event.

Last season: 8-5
Series Record: Georgia leads 9-3

This is a game Georgia needs to be wary of. The week after a difficult trip to South Carolina, Georgia will host the most-talented quarterback in the league. They need to get ready. Normally you wouldn't sound the alarm regarding the Hogs traveling to Athens, but this will be one of the games Georgia needs to win in order to keep up with the SEC East race.

The track meet shootout that was last season's game in Fayetteville could break out this fall in Athens, too. Both teams have the ability to score points, and the season will be so young that there is no reason to expect Todd Grantham to have his defense completely ready to go in time for this contest. Ryan Mallett's appearance makes matters worse for Grantham and company. Sure, Georgia made mistakes last season in Arkansas and spotted the Hogs a pretty good lead. The fact remains that Mallett is dangerous, and with the kinks probably not all the way worked out in the 3-4 there is reason for concern.

On thing that Grantham has asked for this fall is noise in Sanford Stadium. I am not sure Georgia's typically blueblood crowd will come with noise this fall… and this is one game where the noise could really make a difference in the outcome of the contest.

Arkansas can beat Georgia… so this is a very serious game for Georgia. The Dawgs won't take the Razorbacks lightly, and the crowd needs to feel the same way. Noise could make a difference in this game, and even though Arkansas is not a rival team, they are a team who can score. Fans need to get over themselves and make Sanford Stadium an intimidating place to play… the Arkansas game is a good time to start with that.


Most memorable Georgia win: 2002 SEC Championship game – David Greene is named the MVP, and Georgia wins its first SEC title in 20 years.

Most painful Georgia loss: 1969 Sugar Bowl – Georgia falls to Arkansas after winning the SEC title. It was the Bulldogs' only loss of the season.

Player to Watch: Ryan Mallett – and that was an easy pick. Georgia had a very difficult time dealing with Mallett least season. The top returning quarterback in the SEC, Mallett has seen the 3-4 before, but didn't have much success against Alabama last season. Still, with a year under his belt, it is a sure bet that Mallett will be difficult for Georgia to stop in 2010.

2010's Big Question: Bama is the pick to with the West… can the Hogs outscore them and trip them up?

Recruiting Implications: Very Little. While the Hogs may well have a fair amount of foot traffic in metro Atlanta, like most every other school in the SEC, Georgia and Arkansas don't normally butt heads in the world of recruiting. Georgia has reached for a player or two from across the conference, and Arkansas has signed a notable player every now and then from in the Peach State, but the two programs are not recruiting against one another on an every-day basis.

Legge's must-win game for the Hogs: November 6th at South Carolina… a win in Columbia would likely solidify a bowl trip for the Hogs.

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