2010 Media Days: Legge's Look at Vanderbilt

BIRMINGHAM – Here's a look at the day Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson and the Commodores had.

Last season: 2-10
Series Record: Georgia leads 50-18-2

The Vanderbilt game this season falls as it always does – just after Georgia's game with Tennessee. Vandy has been a game of late where the Dawgs have sort of figured themselves out. In 2007, Knowshon Moreno exploded onto the national scene for the first time and shredded the Commodores… setting the stage for an epic run to end the 2007 season. Last year, Mike Bobo went to the sideline for the first time ever and the offense jumpstarted. Bobo and company figured out the offensive line and running game in the process, closing the fourth quarter of the game out strong.

Vandy has improved as a program with Bobby Johnson at the helm. They took a step back last year, but he has guided Vanderbilt to respectability, which is really saying something. Georgia has had challenging games with Vandy pretty much since he's been in Nashville, and there is no reason to think that will change in the future. Vandy has improved athletically, but they still trail the big boys of the SEC East in that department.

The game is a challenge for Georgia on a couple of different levels. Yes, Georgia is always going to be more talented than Vandy. The problem is that Georgia is always coming off one of the biggest games of the year when they play Vandy. Also, Homecoming can be a distraction of sorts when the game is in Athens. But make no mistake – even though Vandy has improved and there can, at times, be distractions surrounding this game, Georgia should win nearly every year, and 2010 is no exception.


Most memorable Georgia win: 1983 – All-American Terry Hoage knocks away a Vanderbilt pass near the end of the game to save the win for the Dawgs.

Most painful Georgia loss: 1994 – Ray Goff may have lost his job when Vandy ran up the score on the Dawgs in Athens – on Homecoming, no less.

Player to Watch: Warren Norman, one of two talented backs for Vandy, is a guy to take note of. When Georgia struggles against Vanderbilt it is because they are unable to slow the Vanderbilt run game. Think back to 1994 when Ray Goff's Dawgs were stunned by Vandy at home. The same thing could be said for Vandy's upset of Georgia in 2006 – Vandy effectively ran the ball. Last season Norman showed flashes during the game, but ended the contest with only 54 yards. Vanderbilt is considering a move to a two-back set on offense – that could help Vandy and could mean bigger things for Norman.

2010's Big Question: Will Vandy escape the bottom of the SEC East?

Recruiting Implications: Virtually None. This game simply does not impact recruiting as it relates to a head-to-head competition between the two schools. Vanderbilt couldn't get a player Georgia wanted if they had to – at least they've never been able to.

Legge's must-win game for the Hogs: October 23th vs. South Carolina… Vanderbilt will struggle to get to six wins without a home win against Carolina.

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