2010 Media Days: Legge's Look at Florida

BIRMINGHAM – Here's a look at the day Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer and the Gators had.

Last season: 13-1
Series Record: Georgia leads 47-39-2

Perhaps Georgia has been taking the wrong approach towards Florida lately. Actually, last season the two teams were not even in the same universe, but Georgia, as usual of late, underperformed on the scoreboard against the Gators.

This game bothers Georgia fans more than any other. In 2008 it was the Florida game that gave so many so much heartache. There it was – the best chance to beat Florida twice in a row in recent memory – and Georgia ended a blowout loss with Florida's entitled drama queen of a coach calling timeouts to rub the Bulldog Nation's face in the loss.

If Georgia wants to be the king of the hill – and the team to beat – they are going to have to take up for themselves in this series. Taking it back would be the incorrect term, as Georgia has not had the upper hand in this series in a long, long, long time. It is almost comical… but it is not funny at all considering the way Georgia has underperformed against Florida over time.

Attitudes need to change; performance needs to drastically improve for Georgia in this annual contest.


Most memorable Georgia win: 1980 – Buck Belue to Lindsey Scott; enough said. (2007 is a close second).

Most painful Georgia loss: 2002 – Georgia loses to Florida; it was the Dawgs' only blemish of the season. Georgia would likely have played for the national title.

Player to Watch: John Brantley is a skilled pro-style quarterback who has the heavy burden of replacing the most-talked about college football player of the last two decades. It remains unclear if Brantley can handle the Tim Tebow-like duties that may confront him off the field (walking on water, etc.), but he's certainly good enough to come very close to replacing his production on the field. Brantley is no chump.

2010's Big Question: How will Florida move on without Tim Tebow?

Recruiting Implications: Surprising. A few recruiting classes ago, after Florida had won the 2008 National Title, it seemed to many observers that Georgia was going to be in serious recruiting trouble if Florida kept winning. The Gators continued to win, but as it relates to the class of 2010 and the class of 2011… Florida really has not gone head-to-head against Georgia. Florida beat out Georgia for Mack Brown, but other than him the two rivals really didn't fight over the same kids. At least Florida won most of their in-state kids and Georgia has won or is leading with most of their in-state kids. And even when the two programs are struggling for in-state recruiting it's not against one another. It is a strange, but good thing for Georgia. The Dawgs need to lock down the Peach State. Recruiting in Florida, for the most part, is going to be an uphill battle with the Gators, Florida State and Miami lurking around every corner.

Legge's must-win game for the Gators: October 30th vs. Georgia… Florida won't be able to make it to Atlanta without a win over Georgia. The stretch from the Tennessee game to Jacksonville is a brutal one for Florida, but they at least get the week off before the Georgia game.

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