Mark Richt Camp Rundown

ATHENS - Dean Legge's thoughts and observations from the Mark Richt Camp.

Overall thoughts: To start – it was very, very hot in Athens. Offensive players seemed to outnumber defensive players. My guess is that there were about 300 players participating – about 30 of them, perhaps a few more, were legit. I tend to overlook things at times, but the following run down is a combination of what I saw and heard Saturday.

The Offensive Line

The most talent per capita on the field was at offensive line. A slew of talented players joined Georgia line coach Stacy Searles for the day.

The news of the day was that 2012 Bolles left tackle John Theus was offered by the Dawgs before the start of camp. I first noticed the big redhead a couple of spring ago when he was lining up against current Georgia player Brent Bennedict. It was clear that Theus was going to be a big deal, but he was (and is still to some degree) growing into his body. He's not fluid, but you can tell that he's going to be a big, big deal. His legs are big, and his arms are long. He can't move quite the way that you would want, but then again, he's still got two more years of high school to get to where he needs to be – and perhaps another year of redshirting after that. Theus projects very, very well.

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His brother Nathan Theus, who is a center/guard, but specializes in long snapper, is also fighting for a scholarship. But that seems a little less clear. Theus, like Memphis' Hunter Long, were in a daylong fight with Pepperell's Kyle Harris. Harris, who has an offer from Georgia Tech and South Carolina, is very interested in Georgia, and they are interested in him. It is yet to be seen, however, how that competition between the three of them turns out. It seems very, very unlikely that all of them would get an offer.

And then there is the enigmatic Watts Dantzler – with his Dalton tennis t-shirt and all. I was worried about Dantzler earlier this spring. He's really grown to love the recruiting process, but I had not seen him compete since last spring. Saturday he was ready. Also, one cannot take away from Dantzler the amount of change he's worked through to get to where he is today. Yes, he is a goofball… no doubt, but he's changed his body to where he is no longer sloppy. He's much firmer than he once was, and he can move much, much better than he did a year ago. Dantzler is a solid, high-level prospect Georgia needs to sign.

Already-committed David Andrews ran with the first team as that group's center. He got banged up just before the camp broke for dinner, but David just works. The thing about him, too, and this is important, is that he's up around 300 pounds, but he's not really fat. He's much bigger than he seems, I guess. He's going to be just what Georgia needs when Ben Jones, who was at camp today, too, leaves in two years.

A prospect I would keep an eye on is Zach DeBell, a very lean, but long left tackle prospect from Florida. Mark Richt has been all over DeBell since he arrived on campus Friday. He didn't compete yesterday during drills, but did go though the paces Saturday. Again, the coaches have focused a lot of attention on DeBell, who told me earlier this week that he is very interested in both Tennessee and Georgia. I have not seen DeBell on campus in Knoxville, but I have to say that I would find it hard to think that Georgia is being out recruited by the Vols right now.

Committed Players

You would think with all of the drama surrounding Christian LeMay right now that he and his family might duck the Mark Richt Camp… that would be incorrect. LeMay showed up wearing the Mark Richt Camp t-shirt, red socks and a red headband. He didn't run the 40-yard dash (like some of the rest of the committed players), but he did work in seven-on-seven drills as well as other quarterback drills. He throws a very, very nice ball. It's sometimes hard to know to be sure if a quarterback is having a great day (mainly because of the types of drills that are going on… the fact that there is no rush) – I mean it does not seem to me that LeMay was being challenged today with the competition around him. But why would he be? He's a high-level quarterback at a summer camp. Quarterbacks are asked to deliver the ball to where it is supposed to go… and LeMay did that well. Considering everything going on right now – which can no be ignored – LeMay scores the most points with me for simply showing up.

He spent a lot of time with Richt while other players were running the 40-yard dash. And LeMay's father spent time with many in the Georgia program on Saturday, too.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I think Corey Moore, in five years, might be the best overall prospect for the NFL of all of the players committed to Georgia at this moment (if other players commit to Georgia in the near future I might have to change my thinking). Moore is a monster. He's big; he can run. He's a leader. I am sold on Corey Moore. Again, like quarterbacks, days like today are hard for safeties. They only get so much work. Georgia split the field – using two different quarterbacks for each side of the field. No ball really ever got thrown Moore's way. I think he might kill someone that tries to go over the top against Griffin next season if the Bears drop Moore back rather than playing him close to the line… which they did the time I saw him play. I don't think he will grow into a linebacker, but he's going to be a good-sized safety. I can see Todd Grantham, who spent time with the Griffin product, slobbering now.

Having seen Amarlo Herrera in several camps settings now I think he, too, has tremendous upside. He's straight up raw. I'd love to see him in pads, but that's not what you get out of these events. You get to see kids run and jump… it is sort of Diet Football. Herrera likes to get out there, however, and fight it out. He's really a competitor, but I want to see him up close with pads on… that's what I want to see this fall.

I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't a little concerned with Sterling Bailey. He has the physic needed for college football, but I don't think he's getting near the work needed to be ready for college football. I have seen this time and again… and the pace is going to have to pick up for Bailey to make it work at Georgia.

Chris Conley looks totally different than a year ago. He's just a better overall receiver. He seemed like the best receiver out there today, but there were a few others that were certainly in his ballpark. He's big with speed and hands… Conley is going to be a good addition to Georgia. Is he elite? Not yet, but there is certainly a chance that he will be by the time he leaves high school – particularly if he grows any more. He's faster than a year ago. Conley looks good.

The Receivers

I was a little surprised with the group that ran onto the field Saturday. I wasn't expecting much, I will admit, but by the time I left the field on Saturday four players seemed to be the cream of the crop.

I already talked about Chris Conley, but Griffin's Nile Daniel, C.J. Curry (2012) who was at GAC last year but is headed to North Hall and a prospect who appeared to be Ty Montgomery from St. Mark's. I would rank Conley first, but after that it gets difficult for me because they are all pretty talented. Getting all four would be a good thing.

Daniel came into the day looking to get an offer from the Dawgs, and he did nothing to prevent that from happening in my view. He went up and got the ball; he beat his man deep; he just ran past his guy at times. Daniel defiantly caught my eye. He's Corey Moore's high school teammate, and the duo seems close. The only knock on Daniel is that he's not nearly as physically developed as the other guys on this list and that has to be taken into consideration, because this is recruiting and everything is taken into consideration.

Curry, who is 6-2, 185, has a physical upper body and does a great job of going up to get the ball. He's going to be a pretty good prospect this coming year. He was at camp earlier this week, and only one corner hung around with him (I will get to that corner in a minute). Curry is a name to write down.

Montgomery looks like a smaller version of Da'Rick Rogers. He's a heck of a playmaker, too. I'm not sure I saw him lose, but I am sure he lost at some point during the day – just not while I was watching. He had no problem getting physical with any defender in front of him. His chest is huge. He has the ability to fight with his hands. He is strong. He's not overwhelmingly tall, so that's a strike against him, but that's being picky. He's good.


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