Question and answer Tim Jennings: Part One

Question and answer with Georgia's Tim Jennings

DL: Is the basketball scandal influencing the football program?

TJ: Not really. Coach uses it as an example to make sure that everything is tight around campus and he tells us to say out of trouble.

DL: How is the team getting adjusted to spring practice and what are y'all working on?

TJ: We are working on the fundamentals. We are learning the basics. We are trying to get after it.

DL: Does spring practice get old?

TJ: Oh no, it doesn't get old. It just gets more exciting every day. We keep trying to get better every day.

DL: Is there motivation to be as good as last season's team was?

TJ: We are looking forward to it next year. We are just very excited to go out here and get better. Our goal is to be number one. That was our goal last year.

DL: Has the demeanor of the coaches changed since last season?

TJ: No they have not really changed. They just expect more out of us. They expect for us to be better.

DL: When you say 'they expect for us to be better' what do you mean by that?

TJ: What I mean is for us to not go out there and make the same mistakes that we made yesterday. They want you to improve. They expect for us to work in the spring and the summer.

DL: How is it looking on the offensive side of the ball right now?

TJ: Our receivers look pretty good. Bryan McClendon, Mario Raley, and Haywood. Haywood has really stepped up making some great catches.

DL: That's what Coach Richt said about Haywood, that he has impressed this spring. Is he that impressive?

TJ: Yeah, he's that impressive. He is banged up sometimes, and that bothers him every once in a while. But he looks good out there.

DL: What is it like going against the young receivers in practice?

TJ: I think that they are taking practice very serous because the opportunity is there for them to play more minutes in 2003. We don't really have any returning starters at receiver except Fred. Damien has played a lot and Reggie has too. But the young players are using this opportunity to really show the coaches that they should be playing more than they are right now. They are taking advice from Reggie and Fred. You can tell that they are really working hard.

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