Question and answer Tim Jennings: Part Two

Question and answer with Georgia's Tim Jennings

DL: Which quarterback is more difficult to defend against, David Greene or DJ Shockley?

Tim Jennings: In one-on-one drills I think that David Greene is more difficult to defend against. He is more accurate. But as a team we are worried about DJ Shockley and his scrambling ability. He can throw the ball on the run and beat the defensive back. They both have strong points in their game.

DL: How are the running backs looking in practice thus far?

TJ: To tell you the truth all of our running backs look good right now. Tyson Browning, he has really impressed me this spring. Michael Cooper has run the ball hard. I think that Coop is a strong runner that can make moves, plus he is big and he's got a little speed. We have a lot of talent at running back. It's going to be tough choosing a running back this fall. Also, the freshmen that are coming in want to play, too. It looks pretty good at running back right now.

DL: Let me ask you about Cooper specifically. There has been a lot of hearsay about how he has a bad attitude, or how he did last season. Does Cooper have a bad attitude or are people just saying stuff, and secondly if it is true that he has a bad attitude, has he changed this spring?

TJ: I really don't know about Cooper's attitude towards anybody because I have not heard anything about it. His attitude so far hasn't been a problem for anybody on this team.

DL: Is there a leader on the defense right now?

TJ: I think that we really do need some leaders to step up right now. But Ken Veal is taking a leadership role right now. We really need the seniors to step up into the leadership roles.

DL: Does it matter that y'all only have 12 seniors on scholarship?

TJ: Really it does because of the depth chart. It means that the walk-ons have to step up to the 2nd and 3rd teams. Everybody that's on the 1st and 2nd team are going to get a lot of reps this spring. Right now some of the walk-ons have to step up.

DL: Are any of the walk-ons impressive enough to play next year?

TJ: I really don't know for sure. I couldn't say, but some of them have come a long way and have stepped up. I really don't know there names but they help us out a lot.

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