2010 Fall Camp: Day Four Practice Report

ATHENS - Georgia conducted a two-and-a-half-hour workout in shoulder pads and shorts on Thursday as they continue to prepare for the 2010 campaign. The session was the fourth of 29 before the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, Sept. 4.

The heat played a role in head coach Mark Richt's assessment of the practice.

"I would say the heat jumped on us today," Richt said. "It was probably the hottest day and the fact that it's the fourth day. Toward the end there, they didn't give in but it was tough. A lot of guys were battling through. A lot of guys were maybe thinking about giving in. There were probably a couple of guys who did give in.

"It's tough to maintain the tempo and the energy we've had to this point every day, especially in this heat and being on field turf," Richt continued. "It's probably 10-15 degrees hotter on field turf than it is on a grass surface. That will probably pay dividends when we play on grass. I still see good things happening."

Richt drew attention to the performance of junior Logan Gray, who moved from quarterback to receiver following spring practice.

"I like what I'm seeing out of Logan Gray," Richt said. "He's really running his routes pretty well for not having a lot of reps. I know he did it all summer and worked hard all summer. If I'd have been able to watch this summer, I might've seen the progression of it. I'm impressed that he's this far along this quickly. He seems to catch the ball well. He has not been afraid to block, which he probably hadn't had to do much in his football career. I think there are definitely advantages of understanding the offensive system from the quarterback's perspective."

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