Richt: Shockley still progressing

During last week's scrimmage, Shockley worked with both the number one and two offensive units. He threw the only touchdown of the scrimmage.

Mark Richt says that while back up quarterback D. J. Shockley is improving, he still has a thing or two to learn.

"There still are a couple of times when there is nothing there and he should throw it away," said Richt of Shockley.

In last week's scrimmage, the first of the spring, Shockley was responsible for the only touchdown of the game. The sophomore found Martrez Milner on a busted play.

During the scrimmage, Shockley worked with both the number one and two offensive units, while David Greene worked exclusively with the number one offense and Joe Tereshinski worked solely with the number two unit.

Richt explained that his quarterbacks are developing faster than the rest of the offense this spring. "You've got a couple of quarterbacks that are ready to play very well. The quarterbacks looked good when there was time," he said.

Unfortunately for the quarterbacks, the offensive line did not provide much protection during the scrimmage. The lack of protection forced Shockley to scramble "a bunch" according to Richt.

The lack of time also affected Shockley's ability to find open receivers. "He didn't really hit many (receivers)," said Richt. "He might have made a couple of plays but a lot of times he was not able to find someone open."

With or without time, Richt wants Shockley to make better decisions with the ball. "A couple of times he still took sacks when he could have easily thrown the ball away," said the head coach.

"I think that he is improving on that," added Richt. "A year ago he may get sacked or throw it into coverage. He is not throwing it into coverage anymore, which is a big step. But now he has got to learn to just throw that thing away when there is nothing there."

Richt said that Shockley should stop trying to force big plays. "I think that he is so set on making a big play that sometimes it causes him to have a sack."

If Shockley can learn all of these things, Richt said that "then, he'll really help his game."

Even with all of the things left to work on, Richt said that Shockley impressed him during the scrimmage. "Shockley was impressive. I don't want to make it sound like he wasn't, because he was both in the pocket and when he had to scramble. It was a good scrimmage for him."

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