Brandon Rohe: More Than a Shooter

Always rated highly among shooting guards in the West, Brandon Rohe is one of the best shooters anywhere. But he's out to prove that there is much more to him than merely hitting all net from 25 feet away, and he'd love to show his stuff at Gonzaga. (Photo courtesy of SoCalhoops)

One of the things I wanted to know, was whether Brandon Rohe gets to see lots of movie stars out and about in the Las Angeles area. After all, he lives in Santa Margarita, just south of LA. Turns out, while he has seen a few, he's usually too busy playing hoops, or practicing hoops, or working in the weight room. The 6'4" Shooting Guard is currently 190 pounds; he'd like to add 10 more pounds of muscle before his senior basketball season. But he did say he saw Whoopi Goldberg in Las Vegas while at the adidas Big-Time Tournament. It's safe to say Rohe likes seeing college coaches more these days.

As a youngster, Brandon watched Michael Jordan and was playing in AAU by fifth-grade. He may not have MJ's talent (who does?) but he did find out that he had a knack for shooting the ball. He tried just about every sport a school of 1800 has to offer but by seventh-grade he knew basketball was his calling. The people who have influenced Brandon's life, according to him, are many, beginning with his parents (his father has been a key in his decisions), his brother (a basketball student-athlete at Ivy League Cornell) and all of the coaches along the way who have helped him improve. He doesn't really have any basketball idols.

Brandon is no stranger to big name players. He's played with and against some household names, and was around Tyson Chandler (second pick in 2001 NBA first round) a lot a few years ago. During this past spring and summer, he and his Pump ‘n Run team have played against the best of the best and fared very well.

Asked what his most memorable game was and Rohe said there have been so many that he really couldn't name just one, but in a game in late-July he lit it for 40 points at Loyola-Marymount against top competition. That some interested coaches were watching was icing on the cake. Despite a groin pull earlier this summer, Brandon grades himself a "B" for his spring/summer performance, saying there is always room for improvement.

When asked how he would respond to those who see him as a spot-up shooter only, he's quick to tell them to watch one of his games, especially in a couple years. His strength is shooting (very proficient from long range), but Rohe says he prides himself on a solid defensive game, can take defenders off the dribble and drive to the hoop, and is good at playing team-oriented basketball. His experience at the abcd adidas Camp was one of watching a selfish style of play by point guards and he's looking forward to his high school's team play after that.

"I've always been in a well structured offense and defense. I like to get others the ball, not just shoot like they did at the abcd camp."

He's also more athletic than some folks give him credit for.

Gonzaga first contacted Brandon Rohe with letters during and after his sophomore year. Word was out. Since then he has spoken with GU coaches, met with them and is impressed. But the Zags are not alone. Jim Harrick at Georgia has already offered a scholarship and Rohe is hearing from others, including San Diego State and Santa Clara.

When he's not playing or practicing or lifting weights, he might be listening to Tom Petty or being with friends at a southern California beach. He has no favorite TV shows (unless basketball games or SportsCenter qualify) because he never has time to watch it. Blame it on his addiction to basketball.

We came away impressed by Brandon's hard work ethic, desire to get better and a feeling that he'd very much like to be a Zag. His father said Brandon would like to get the recruiting process over with and GU is a significant factor. Nobody works harder than the younger Rohe, that was clear. He wants to play in the NCAA Tournament and knows he can. A really good guy, Brandon will be an asset to any team.

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