2017 Priority Recruit Corey Kispert Recaps His Official Visit To Gonzaga

The Priority 2017 Recruit Breaks Down His Visit To Gonzaga

Last week, Gonzaga Bulldogs hosted its priority 2017 recruiting target, as Corey Kispert made his official visit to the campus. As we noted when we caught up with Kispert last week, this was his final planned official visit, after previously taken trips to Notre Dame and Virginia. 


Not surprisingly, the Zags rolled out the red carpet for Kispert, who began his trip with a stop at the famed intramural fields.

“Right as I got off the plane, I got a text from Coach Michaelson letting me know that the team was playing in an intramural softball game,” Kispert said with a laugh. “It was a beautiful night, but they got smoked. I never would have thought such athletic guys could look so bad. After the game, we went out to dinner with Josh Perkins (Perkins) and the coaches.”

Despite the embarrassing softball performance, the 4-star recruit decided to stick around and check out the school the next day. 

“The next morning I did the whole campus tour,” he explained. “ I got to go to a class with Nigel, which was really good. Later in the day, I got to run with the guys, and it was really good to interact with them and get a feel for how they play. Then that night, we went to Coach Few’s house for dinner, which was really cool as well.”

One of the big priorities heading into the visit was getting a feel for the guys on the team and the program as a whole. 

“It was a big key for me and I really felt like I would fit in,” the Scout 100 prospect said. “Hanging out with the guys on the court, and off the court, was super easy. They were very inviting and asking me lots of questions, and answer my questions as well. They made it really easy for me, which was nice, because I sometimes am not outgoing with people I don’t know.”

Along with getting to know the guys, the King’s High School star also got a great feel for how he would be used on the court. 

“They compared me to the type of role that Kyle Dranginis had. I would work a lot off of ball screens because I am able to make the correct read off the ball. They showed me a lot of tape of they used him and other guys with the ball screens and how those guys made quick decisions in the offense. They also play really fast and get a lot of points in transition, which I love.”

Gonzaga was the final visit planned for Kispert, who broke down his previous trips to Notre Dame and Virginia.

“ The pros about Notre Dame Fighting Irish were that the guys were awesome there as well and it was great being around them,” he described. “They had really good facilities and the gym and the new floor are amazing. I also like the way they play and use their guards. The only con was that everything on campus was a little bare because of the time of year that I visited.”

“With Virginia Cavaliers, Charlottesville is beautiful and the school is great. The campus is awesome and it was great with the coaches showing me around. The guys and coaches were super inviting and warm and we really clicked on all cylinders. They are really big X&O guys and gave me a feel for how I would be used. The negatives would be that they don’t play as fast and get up and down the court. They also have quite a few guys in the class above me who play similar positions, which means it might be hard to play right away.”

After three visits, it appears that Kispert is closing in on a decision after getting to experience the schools that have really emerged for him.

“They were eye-opening,” the Scout 100 recruit said of the visits. “I wanted to see the guys and the dynamics on the team, and also be around campus with the students. At all three schools I had a really good chance to see that. After the visits, too be honest, I am feeling more settled about making a decision sooner, rather than waiting.  

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