After His Mission Jesse Wade Will Head To Gonzaga

Is Redshirting A Possibility For Jesse Wade After His Mission?

In the first part of our profile on Jesse Wade, his father brought Zag fans up to speed on how everything is going during his Mission in France. As the time ticks down on his return, we also wanted to take a look at the next steps before he officially enrolls at Gonzaga

As the future Zag works to get back into shape following his LDS Mission, Eric Wade admits that redshirting is something that the family has discussed. 

“ We have thought about redshirting,” Wade admitted. “That is something that Jesse and the staff will have to take a look at. He (Jesse) wants to be able to play at his highest level, and if that means taking a redshirt year, he is more than happy to do that. I know that Jesse is a hard worker and he will be working to get his body back into shape. He will definitely be an option for Coach to use in 2017-18 if it is something they feel will be best for the team.”

Ever since departing for his Mission, there has been rampant speculation that BYU might be an option for Jesse when he returns. However, this was quickly dismissed. 

“Jesse and our family are 100% committed to Gonzaga,” Wade exclaimed. “There is a lot to be said for BYU, along with schools like Stanford and Harvard, which recruited and had a lot of interest in Jesse. I went to BYU, our daughter is going to BYU on a scholarship, but as far as Jesse, there is no question in his mind that he is a Zag. The coaches believed in him and Coach Few has placed a lot of trust in Jesse and that means a lot.”\

Just to emphasize Jesse’s commitment, Eric shared a funny exchange he recently had with his son. 

“Of course, we have noticed some of the speculation about Jesse. I actually took a screen shot from one of the sites and sent it to Jesse. He emailed back, and the only thing he said was “ZAGS”.  He is excited to be a Zag, and we are very excited to be parents of a Zag.”

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