David Singleton Discusses HIs Recruitment And Interest In Gonzaga

David Singleton Talks About His Interest In Gonzaga

With Gonzaga focusing a majority of its recruiting attention in July on the 2018 class, it’s not a surprise that a couple of elite prospects really emerged as priorities. One of the guys that really jumped on the Gonzaga radar is Scout 100 recruit, David Singleton


Singleton was impressive throughout the AAU live period and became a huge focus for the coaching staff.

“I started getting recruited by Gonzaga earlier this year,” the Bishop Montgomery guard said. “Overall, the coaches talk to be about how they think I would be a great fit as a Gonzaga player and how I would fit in with the environment. They also have sent me stats on their NCAA appearances and how winning of a program it is.”

With Gonzaga always looking for talent that fits the program, it’s not a surprise that Singleton is a priority in 2018.

“Some of the stuff that can’t be coached, like effort, working hard and just playing smart, that is what Gonzaga is known for and why they think I could really fit in.”

At this point, the Belmont Shore guard is in the process of learning more about the school and the program.

“I know that they play in the NCAA Tournament all the time, and I have seen them play a bit, and I like their style of play. I also like the academics. I want to learn more about their location and the academic programs they offer. Academics are always first. I also want to learn more about the program and how they treat the players at the school.”

Now that the AAU live period has come to an end, the talented guard is starting to hear a lot from some programs across the West Coast. 

“Oregon is obviously coming the hardest, because they have offered me,” Singleton explained. “I would say Gonzaga, Stanford, USC, Colorado and Boise St. are also coming after me. I don’t have any favorites right now and I would say my options are still open.”

The next step for Singleton in his recruitment will be setting visits to some of his favorite schools. 

“Some schools I really want to see are Oregon, Gonzaga, Arizona and Arizona St. I’ve already seen USC, UCLA and Stanford for unofficial visits. During the season, I want to stay focused on my game, so I think I’d like to take visits around that.”

On the court, the talented guard impressed with his mature game throughout the AAU season. 

“I think I’m a leader on the court and an extension of the coach. I’m always trying to do what the coach says, but sometimes I might put a slight wrinkle in that will get the job done. I can shoot, but I also do a good job of getting everyone involved and creating opportunities.”

With his season with Belmont Shore over, the Gonzaga target looked back on it with a positive review.

“I felt like I played well. If I had to give myself a grade, I’d say an A-,” said Singleton. “I wanted to get farther than we did in the Fab 48. Overall though, I’m happy with how I played, and if you aren’t happy, you shouldn’t be playing.”

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