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Gonzaga Is Showing Strong Interest In 2018 PG Devon Dotson

Gonzaga Continues To Look Across The Country For A 2018 PG

Gonzaga has never been afraid to stretch out its recruiting boundaries for elite level talent. This trend is continuing in the 2018 class, with the Zags eyeing some of the top talent from around the country. One prospect that has caught the eye of the coaching staff is Devon Dotson from Providence Day School in North Carolina.

Interest from the Bulldogs was a bit of a surprise for the talented PG, as he didn’t expect to hear from schools across the country.

“The first time I heard from them, I was definitely surprised, because they are out on the west coast. It’s a pretty cool feeling to get interest from a school like that.”

In the early steps in his recruitment, the No. 17 ranked PG in the country has started to learn more about the school and program.

“They (Gonzaga) have talked to me about looking up the school and learning more about it,” he said. “They want me to see what they are about and have told me how great the fans are and how the school feels like family. A lot of the stuff I have learned has surprised me, and if I had to say one thing in particular, it would be the nice campus.”

Dotson has seen his recruitment continue to explode, especially after a huge summer on the AAU circuit.

“I’d probably see my biggest improvement has been on my shot. I’ve been working on it everyday, just staying in the gym, and probably getting shots up twice a day. I’ve also been working on my athletic ability and things of that nature.”

This increased consistency on the offensive end has led to numerous schools getting involved in his recruitment.

“Kansas, UNC was at most of my games, Florida was at a lot of games, NC State, Wake Forest, Providence, USC, Florida St. and Gonzaga,” Dotson mentioned of the schools he has been hearing from the most. “I wouldn’t say there is a school recruiting me harder than any others. All of the schools are making their pitch and all of the schools are doing a good job.”

Being across the country from Spokane, the talented PG admits that distance from home is something that will at least be considered.

“I’m just trying to see what is the best fit for me,” Dotson said of whether location will be a key factor. The people around me, they are asking me and pushing me to stay close, but I don’t think distance will be a big factor, because I’m just trying to find the best fit.”

With so many schools after him, the Gonzaga target does have some factors that will be key in his decision.

“My relationship with the coaching staff will be big. I’m looking at the program and trying to see where I can get better on the court, as well as off the court. It’s just about making the next step as a man and just getting better. The school also has to have a great education, because my family is big on that.”

Dotson is still a long way from making his decision and figuring out official visits.

“There are a lot of schools close to where I live, so I can take an unofficial to some schools around me,” he explained. “I haven’t setup anything, but the schools that are far away from me, I will probably take an official visit to see. Gonzaga is definitely on my mind, but it just takes time to set these up, and talking everything over with my family before I decide my visits.”

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