Talented Guard Daejon Davis Breaks Down His Interest In Gonzaga

The Seattle Native Discuses His Interest In Gonzaga

One of the big stories throughout the Summer AAU period was around Gonzaga pursuit of elite 2017 guard, Daejon Davis. With the Zags looking to bring in a small class, Davis is the only target for the coaching staff to pair with Corey Kispert


Davis recently released his Top 5, with Gonzaga being one of the finalists. His reason for including Gonzaga came down to a very important factor for him.

“Gonzaga was the best at one of the things on my criteria, which is winning,” Davis explained. “ I believe that I can come in there and be a winner right away. I also see that they produce pros and also guys that are just solid both on and off the court.”

In October, the Garfield product will be on campus for Kraziness in the Kennel and his first trip to Spokane.

“I just want to get a feel for everything,” the Scout 100 guard said.  “I want to see what each visit has to offer and what is unique. I also want to make sure that each place has things that are in place that are necessary to succeed. That’s really the main thing. I have heard about the town, so I want to see that and see what the culture is like.”

Being on campus for Kraziness will give Davis an opportunity to get a feel for the support that the community has. 

“Support is really important to me,” the Garfield star explained. “There have been times where I felt I haven’t seen the support or passion of the fanbase that I wanted. I feel like each school has a good fanbase, but I just want to see where the best fans are. I’m excited to see all the people and to just have fun.”

Now that he is down to five schools, the former UW commit admits that each has started to ramp up its interest and focus on him.

“All of them,” he said when asked if any school was recruiting him hardest. “Now that I have a Top 5, it honestly made each school come after me harder, and they all have been recruiting me for awhile. Each school knows that they want me and they are doing everything they can to convince me and make me feel comfortable.”

Gonzaga has been able to focus its recruitment with Davis, as he is the only potential piece to fill in the 2017 class.

“They are a little bit more sure around what the team is going to look like,” he said of Gonzaga. “If they aren’t going to bring any other guys with me but Corey, that gives them an advantage. It’s like having one piece missing from the puzzle instead of missing a lot of pieces.”

One key focus with the Gonzaga staff has been how they can develop the Seattle native into a point guard at the next level.

“Other schools are recruiting me as a PG also, especially UW and Stanford. Every time I talk to the coaches at Gonzaga, they always mention the ball screen, and I feel like they can really develop my reading on the ball screen, which you need to have at the next level.”

There has been a lot of discussion around message board and social media that UW is where Davis will end up and wanted to get his opinion on where that really stems from.

“I hear what people are saying and I listen to it, but I don’t put it into action,” Davis said of the reports that he is heading to UW. “Everyone is going to talk, but at the end of the day, only myself and my mom know what is best for me. When I go play at the gym at UW, I am there because it’s a gym. Even when I am wearing UW gear, I’m wearing it because I’m a fan, not because it means I am going there. This decision has more to it than who I am a fan of. It’s going to be a business decision and what is the best choice for my future.”

When it comes time to make his decision later this year, Davis will rely on his own instincts and the advice of a key family member.

“We are so far down the recruiting process that it will be solely what I think is best,” acknowledged the Seattle Rotary talent. “But there will be guidance from my mother. She has been a huge part of the process, like setting up all of the logistics of my visit. She is a huge supporter of mine. So I will definitely take what she has to say as a piece of the process, but at the same time, it is going to be up to me.”

At the end of the day, the Garfield star knows what will be the key factors when it is time to make his decision.

“It’s all about potential success at the end of the day. We all want to be successful, and I want that success to be in basketball. But there is also stuff after basketball, so I want to go to a school that is an overall good fit for me. It’s going to get down to the small things, like the school, the coaching staff and the people. I want to be able to meet people and network with people that will have my best interest at heart and want to see me do well.”

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