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Making The Final Four Is Just The Latest Step For The Gonzaga Program

Gonzaga's Evolution As A Program Has Been Something To Behold

Earlier in the season, a friend and I were having a discussion about what teams we wanted to avoid heading into the NCAA Tournament. My whole argument was around that you want to avoid a team whose "Best" is better than your "Best". Which essentially means, if both teams play to their highest level, Gonzaga would lose the game. As we discussed this, the thing that dawned on us, was that over the past three years, Gonzaga's "Best" has caught up with the "Best" of the elite programs in the country. 

The scary thing about the path that this program is on, is that the Final 4 is becoming a truly realistic destination for this team every year. It's truly crazy to think that Zach Norvell is currently redshirting for this team. This was one of the top 25 SG's in the country in his class, and now he has had a whole season (after recovering from his injury) to improve his strength, conditioning and get used to the college game. The combination of Norvell coming off a redshirt, along with Top 75 recruit Corey Kispert coming in this summer, as well as the potential of a Top 50 guy like Daejon Davis being available, it's truly scary to think about the talent and potential that Gonzaga will have over the next four years in the backcourt. It's elite level guys that just show a whole different level of talent at Mark Few's disposal. This doesn't even include a guy like Rui Hachimura, who has all the physical tools to develop into a traditional swing 3/4 at this level. 

After you look at the backcourt, the situation in the front court is equally impressive. While he may test the draft waters, we think there is an excellent chance that Gonzaga will have Zach Collins back next year. So next year, Gonzaga will have a likely lottery pick, as well as one of the most versatile players in recent program history in Johanathan Williams III. Factor in guys like Jacob Larsen (have only heard good things about his skill set) and then potentially having a guy like Chase Jeter redshirting, and the talent level doesn't have any significant drop off in the coming years. 

The big takeaway here is that the future is amazingly bright, and it's quite fun to be discussing how bright the future is, while we wait to watch Gonzaga play in its first-ever Final Four. 

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