A Chat with Cory Violette

Gonzaga big man Cory Violette chats with Zagirl about the Arizona game, team goals and chemistry, his time at Gonzaga, and more as the senior's final season nears.

Zagirl: Congrats for being nominated for the John R. Wooden Award for the second year! How does it make you feel?

Cory: Being nominated for that award is obviously a great honor. It's not something I really even thought about coming out of high school but has been a very pleasant surprise.

Zagirl: You were having problems with your elbow that caused you a lot of pain last year. Have you done anything for it and how has it felt lately?

Cory: I had hyper extended my elbow last year and during the season there is no time to do any major healing so it remained a problem for a while. The summer was enough time to rest up and rehab so now the problem is gone. The main thing was just not hitting Fox with it for a while.

Zagirl: Can you describe what it was like playing against Arizona last season?

Cory: That's a tough thing to describe. At the beginning of the game we looked at it as what was between us and the Sweet 16. Arizona is a team that's had a lot of pub but we didn't care about that. After the game we new we were a part of something very special and memorable but being the competitors that we are the loss was hard to take.

Zagirl: Do you think that the memory of that game has motivated this year's team?

Cory: It has in the way that it has proven to a lot of people that we can play with the "best" on any stage.

Zagirl: What are your goals as a team and as an individual for your final season at Gonzaga?

Cory: We want to win a championship. This team has a lot of ability and a championship is an achievable goal. As for me I'd like to improve my rebounding a lot as well as my shooting percentage.

Zagirl: What has this whole experience (being a student-athlete at Gonzaga) been like for you?

Cory: I'll just say that it's going to be really hard to leave and the time has flown by like nothing I've ever done before.

Zagirl: Are you already beginning to feel the pressure of high expectations on this team?

Cory: There is pressure but it's not something that we think about everyday. If we work hard and we stay together then pressure is easy to deal with.

Zagirl: How is the chemistry of the team? Are you a pretty tight-knit group?

Cory: This team is very tight-knit. On a team with this much talent sometimes it's hard to keep rooting for the guys that play in front of you but this team doesn't have that problem. We've all got each others backs.

Zagirl: What do you plan on doing after graduating?

Cory: Well I don't really have a plan just yet because a lot will depend on how this year goes.

Zagirl: What is your favorite memory, so far, playing in a Gonzaga uniform?

Cory: I'd have to say going to the Sweet Sixteen my freshman year. The amount of people and the size of the arena were just overwhelming.

Zagirl: Do you have any hobbies other than basketball?

Cory: I love to hunt and fish but there isn't much time for it outside of basketball. I like watching movies quite a bit too.

Zagirl: Looking at the schedule, which game are you most looking forward to playing in and why?

Cory: Well right now I'm looking forward to playing the first one because preseason practice isn't easy.

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