Oct. 2 Photos from The Kennel

The season nears and the Zags are getting ready. Here are some candid photos straight from The Kennel.

Above - Anthony "A-Train" Reason and new big man from Colorado Richard Fox take a breather during a break.

Blake putting on his shoes before working out. Looks like we caught him napping.

Center court in The Kennel. The quiet before the storm.

Wooden Award candidate Dan Dickau before shedding his shirt and playing the point. That's Tyler Amaya, Adam Trombley and Ronny resting.

Richie shows Kyle, Alex and others how the Zags do things right.

Gonzaga's French connection, Ronny Turiaf, practices around the rim. That's Blake running in the background.

Dustin had a cold and was forced to watch the action from the sidelines.

Zach and his broken nose, just a minor inconvenience but enough to keep him out of the games.

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