Pictorial: Zags in New York City

Enjoy this pictorial of Zag alums, fans, friends and a few former Gonzaga Bulldog basketball players. Many thanks to NJZag, chief East Coast Photographer. Please allow a few minutes for the photos to load.

Former Catherine-Monica dorm mates reunite, including Mr. & Mrs. Hondo and brother-in-law John, all under the considerable wingspan of ex-Zag Rob Rich.

Gonzaga alums begin arriving at the big function.

Former Gonzaga President Father Coughlin poses with fellow Zags, including ZagsHoops.com's own LongIslandZagFan.

Margot Stanfield with some young GU alums.

Zags gathered in the Shelburne Hotel.

Former Gonzaga baseball coach Steve Hertz addresses the crowd in his new position of Director of Athletic Activities.

Young Zags Taryn Harrson and Jodi Elmrose.

Ex-Zags Rob Rich (1991) and Lenny Parham (1988) reminisce; they both now live in New Jersey.

Lenny Parham with wife Jill, and little Parhams Jalen and Jackson.

It's game time in the mecca of basketball.

A little Long Island Zag fan with her mother.

Kennel Club East in Madison Square Garden.

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