Redshirting with Nathan Doudney

In 2004-05, Gonzaga will need guards to help fill the void left behind by the graduation of Blake Stepp, Kyle Bankhead and Tony Skinner. Nathan Doudney, a former starter for Bobby Knight's Texas Tech squad has transfered to GU and is watching and learning while redshirting. Meet Nathan.

Q: What are the biggest differences between Bobby Knight and Mark Few, Texas Tech and Gonzaga?

ND: The biggest difference is the style of teaching that the coaches approach the game with. Coach Knight uses a drill sergeant style of coaching, and Coach Few from what I have seen so far using the constructive criticism. Believe me, I prefer Coach Few's. Another difference is the size of school. Texas Tech is a very large state school that has a lot of things that GU doesn't. On the other hand GU can provide me with individual instruction and the smaller environment can be a positive thing.

Q: What made you come all the way from Texas to Gonzaga?

ND: I feel like I can play to my potential here. Texas Tech is in a big time conference and they have all the perks, but here I really feel at home because of the family atmosphere that has been shown towards me. I also felt like the coaches really wanted me. It just made it seem that it was the perfect fit.

Q: Describe your performance against the Texas Longhorns in the Big-12 Tourney last March. Do you think you can do that on a consistent basis For Gonzaga?

ND: I sure hope so. Before the game Coach just told everyone to go out there and play loose. That's what we did and we beat the number 3 team in that nation. The style that we play here at GU is very conducive to my strengths so I hope to be able to utilize them.

Q: Tell us your strengths and areas you need to work on.

ND: My first noticeable strength is shooting from the perimeter. I also feel that my defense has improved considerably since high school. That is the thing that Coach Knight did the most to improve me as a basketball player. I need to work on attacking the rim, and just improving all the little things that help a team win.

Q: I noticed your minutes were very erratic at TTU, why was that?

ND: You could never tell how much you were going to play with him. I would be willing to bet that we were the only team in the country in which every player on the roster started at least one game last season. That was one of the worst things about playing there, not knowing if you're going to play 35 minutes or 2.

Q: How do you see yourself fitting in with the team next year?

ND: I see myself coming in off a redshirt year with a hunger to go out and compete. I also feel like I am going to be somewhat responsible for providing some of the leadership to the team. Erroll, Ronny, and I are going to be the only upperclassmen.

Q: What are your main goals here at GU?

ND: My main goal is to improve everyday. Obviously as far as basketball I would love to win a national championship and winning the WCC every year is a goal that can be accomplished on a consistent basis. I am already far along in school so hopefully I can graduate early and get a head start on Grad school.

Q: Tell us what it's like to grow up in football-crazy Texas. Is basketball still the fourth or fifth most popular sport in Texas behind Football, Football Recruiting, Spring Football and Baseball?

ND: Football is huge in Texas; I mean we are probably one of the only places where it's not cold that you are going to see a school with an indoor football field. People love it there. But the basketball talent in the state is growing at a rapid rate. But, my town really supported me and the team. We had over 8000 people to watch the Dallas area finals. I loved playing in Texas there was so much talent my AAU team had 10 Division 1 players. I was in a class with TJ Ford, Daniel Ewing, Emeka Okafor, and Keith Langford. So I feel like I got to play against the best. For sure in Big-12 play, I think I played against 5 lottery picks in 2 years.

Q: What hobbies do you participate in off the basketball court?

ND: I really enjoy hunting. I have been bear hunting in Alaska, and before that was a lot of fun. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating out. I love to eat out; the only thing I can't find up here is some good Barbeque and Apple Cobbler.

Q: What are some of your nicknames, if any?

ND: Right now the guys are calling me "Texas" and Coach Few has called me "Francis" from the movie "Stripes." [laughs] I have never even heard of this movie.

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