Behind the Scenes with Leanne Stockton

Yes, she might be best known to Zag fans as John Stockton's sister, but to the Lady Zags she is far better known as a trainer who knows her trade. Zags Hoops' reporter Dawn Clift catches up with the busy trainer.

Ask Leanne Stockton what she likes about her job and she'll tell you that being able to pay the bills while still having a good time is at the top of her list. In her third year as an assistant trainer for GU, she's happy to say that she enjoys her job and the good friends, more money, and less (but still a lot of) work that comes along with it.

Growing up in Spokane, Leanne always had an interest in athletics. She always loved dancing and gymnastics and spent a lot of time swimming in the park and rec program. School sports were limited to her because she was a girl, and when she was younger, girls didn't have as many great opportunities that they do now. After graduating from Gonzaga Prep, Leanne went on to attend the U of W, EWU, and the U of Kentucky. Athletic training class always seemed to keep her awake, and that eventually led her to Gonzaga.

Leanne works with mainly the Cross County, Reserve soccer, and Women's Basketball Programs as an assistant trainer at Gonzaga. On the basketball side of things, she says there has been a lot of improvement in the past two years and that there are many more bodies this year. This should be a promising year assuming the Zags don't run into injuries that hindered the team in years past.

When the Women's Basketball season at Gonzaga comes to a close, Leanne is just getting started. When summer comes, she heads south to Salt Lake City Utah where she is the Medical Operations Administrator for the Utah Starzz. While working with the Starzz, she travels to 13 different cities several times each year, thus accumulating a surplus of Frequent Flyer Miles, one of the many perks that comes along with her job. Maybe someday she'll take a break and use her extra miles for a trip to Fiji. But until then she'll be working hard to keep our Lady Zags healthy.

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