WCC Tourney Projections 2/24

With only one week and two games to go, the WCC Tournament is beginning to take shape. We take a look at who would play whom as of now. Plenty of questions remain, though, not the least of which is, "Will Pepperdine or St. Mary's finish second?"

The WCC Tournament begins a week from Friday. Final seedings won't be known until this weekend's games are completed. What is known is that Gonzaga will have the top seed and San Diego will have the lowest seed. Portland and Loyola Marymount will join San Diego in playing a dreaded first round game on Friday. Who will fill out the Friday party invitation list? Santa Clara appears to the be the most likely given the Broncos' poor play against SMC and that the Broncos last two regular season games will be at Portland and at Gonzaga in the "Kennel Closer."

Ties will be broken for seeding purposes by the following formula: first tiebreaker: head to head; second tiebreaker: head to head vs. rest of league, in descending order; third tiebreaker, RPI. If three teams have identical records (don't laugh, it happened last year), the same method will be used to break out one team; the method will then be re-used to decide seeding order between the remaining two teams.

Projected Seedings and Matchups Based on Present Standings and Tiebreakers:

1. Gonzaga (12-0) (Zags have clinched 1st place and the top seed)
2. Pepperdine (8-4) (currently holds tie-breaker over SMC)
3. St. Mary's (8-4)
4. San Francisco (6-6)
5. Santa Clara (5-7)
6. Portland (4-8) (currently holds tie-breaker over LMU)
7. Loyola Marymount (4-8)
8. San Diego (1-11) (Toreros will finish in the cellar and have the lowest seed)

Round One Matchups, Friday, March 5th:

Game 1: #5 Santa Clara v. #8 San Diego
Game 2: #6 Portland v. #7 Loyola Marymount

Round Two Matchups, Saturday, March 6th

Game 3: #3 St. Mary's v. Portland/Loyola Marymount winner
Game 4: #4 San Francisco v. Santa Clara/San Diego winner

Semifinals, Sunday, March 7th:

Game 5: #2 Pepperdine v. winner of St. Mary's v. Portland/Loyola Marymount winner
Game 6: #1 Gonzaga v. San Francisco v. Santa Clara/San Diego winner

Note: BOTH of the WCC semi-final games will be ESPN/ESPN2 games!


Semi-final winners play on Monday night, March 8th at 9:00 PM, on ESPN for the WCC tournament championship and resulting automatic NCAA bid.

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