Kennel Club Diary, Part 1

President of the Kennel Club Neil Tocher gives us an intro and gets Zag fans up to speed on behind the scenes goings-on.

Hi Fans, my name is Neil Tocher and I am the current head of the board of directors for the Kennel Club. I run the club with two co-presidents (Steve Churney and Sammy Shaw). We also have ten other members including: Nick Byrd, Kevin Collins, Jabez Swonson, Jason Schaefer, Taio Miller, Jodi Elmos, Johnny McGwire, Brady McDonald, Lewis Moor, and Sammy Reed). The year has just begun and it will be a great one in The Kennel. We have about 1,000 members in bright red t-shirts. If you can't make The Kennel, look for us on the television.

It is our goal this season to make The Kennel a sea of red. We are selling t-shirts to anyone who wants them and strongly encourage anyone who is not able to wear a Kennel Club shirt to wear Red. The T-shirts we are selling to the general public are the same shirts as the regular ones, except they say "Alumni and Friends" on the sleeve instead of "6th Man." They are $15 and you can get them by stopping by my house at 1317 N. Lidgerwood or e-mailing us (see below). We will also be selling shirts at Jack and Dan's Tavern at a later date. I will post the dates. Please support our local sponsors, including Kimmel Athletics, Kricket Wireless, David's Pizza, Jack and Dan's, and the Bulldog Tavern.

We had two great exhibition games and look forward to the first game against Illinois and the home opener against the University of Montana.

We have also recently been filming a commercial that features the Kennel Club and promotes all different aspects of the university, including academics, fine arts, dorm life, athletics, and our beautiful campus. It should air during most televised games. Steve Churney is the star. I hope to be his agent one day since I have no talent!!

In the next month we are planning to have a community service project, make a donation to a local or national charity, watch a lot of Zags basketball, and give honorary memberships to several announcers at ESPN including Dicky V, Andy Katz, Digger Phelps, Jay Bilas, and others. We are also looking at putting together a trip to the Portland game on Feb 2nd and San Diego for the WCC tournament. We could use connections if anyone works in the travel industry.

Well fans, that is about all for now from the Kennel Club.

To order a Kennel Club shirt: or

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