Kennel Club Diaries - 11/19/01

Tune in each week for a new installment and an inside peek into what's up with the famous Kennel Club and their perspective of all things Gonzaga basketball. (To order Kennel Club "Alumni and Friends" shirts send a check payable to the Kennel Club, 1317 N. Lidgerwood, Spokane, WA 99202. $15 a shirt plus $1 for shipping.)

Hi fans,

Well the first two games were not perfect, but I think the team improved a lot and will do just fine in Alaska this weekend. Props to the man of the week Zach Gourde. Two darn good games. Also the commercial that we are in aired for the first time on both game broadcasts this weekend. If you were not able to see it, keep your eyes out for it. It may be the best commercial of the year.

We had a good visit with Brandon Roy before the Montana game on Sunday afternoon and are very upbeat about the possibility of him becoming the next great player in our program. We chanted his name during a time-out, followed by a chant for Sean Mallon during the next break. After the game we had a huge finale set up for Brandon but the cheer squad started their "Go Gonzaga" cheer so we didn't get the chance.

Also, one small complaint. We would like to see red in every corner of the Kennel. The students are doing their part, now we need the season ticket holders to do their's. Look at a game on TV of Nebraska's or the Kansas City Chiefs. That is the goal, folks. Red is an intimidating color.

I hope that everyone is able to watch the game on Thursday on ESPN against St. John's. It is a very good opportunity for our Zags.

Lastly, shirts should soon be available at the Kriket Wireless stores in Spokane. Keep an eye out.


Sunday November 11th, 2001

At about 6:15 I made my way down to the Martin Center to get my tickets with my roommate. Since students now have to get tickets the Sunday before the games, we all have to go down and sit in line. This is a small price to pay for not having to get to the games two hours before the game starts. The line was not too bad, not even to the gym yet. I was waiting patiently for the pizza the "Czar of Kennel" was about to bring to us. It was supposed to arrive at 6:30 and it was 6:35 when they finally arrived. I sprinted to the pizza and we all ate David's till we were satisfied (bless the Kennel Club). At 7 they finally started giving out tickets and after a brief wait, I got my ticket for the Montana game.

Friday November 16th, 2001

Ah, the excitement, first game of the season, my last season to watch the Zags. The tension is building, we are playing the second ranked team in the nation, time to show what we are worth. I went across the street where the planning had started in hast. Imagine this, about fifty people watching the game, six TV's, one 32 incher upstairs and a smaller one across the room, one in the kitchen, two downstairs, and the all important one in the bathroom so as to not miss a moment of the game, it was a great moment. I filled my Red Dog stein glass at about 3:30 and it was never empty the rest of the night. Finally, the season starts. Stepp starting is a great sign, but as the game starts and more and more steins disappear, the game goes south. As much as I try to intimidate the Big 10 refs with some colorful adjectives describing them, it just does not work. It does not end as I wished, but we put in a good effort. Remembering this was only one game, I decided to forget it with some help from the Red Dog and look forward to the Montana game.

Sunday November 18th, 2001

Yes!!! The first home game. This is our chance to bring the guys back up and cheer them on. The meeting started at about noon with some breakfast and times with good friends. As game time approached we prepared. Brandon Roy was visiting and we needed to show them what we were made of. With special thanks to Bobzag, we had a flier copied off to distribute to the students so they would know the significance of this visit to our team and to know what we were talking about when we chanted his name. I decided to show what four years of college will do to a person and paint myself. We did the traditional G-O-N-Z-A-G-A on the front, but decided we needed something special for Sunday, so we put B-R-O-Y-@-G-U on out backs. We also put the "6th man" on our shoulders because that is what the Kennel is. At about 2:30 we head down to the game. You cannot imagine how cold Spokane is with no shirt and you are in the back of a pickup. We arrive at the game, get our front row seats and start watching. The team looked much better, a good sign for things to come and Alaska. At the first timeout we all turned around to spell out the BROY@GU and start the "WE WANT ROY!" chant, we had the whole Kennel chanting this, you hear us Brandon? No better place to go than GU, we want you here. We had many heckles going, including when "Slider" came to the free throw line and we start the Top Gun theme music (he missed the free throw). One of the Montana guards had some funky hair, and the Ti-to Jack-son call came from the Kennel. In the second half some members of the Kennel went onto the floor and spelled out "Z-A-G-S" with their bodies, a new tradition. No blood on the floor this time, nice job guys. A good game overall, was very impressed. Ronny is the man, DIAPER DANDY! Good luck in Alaska to the team.

Monday November 19th, 2001

Just found out that the Gonzaga Soccer Men's team just made the NCAA tournament! They are playing at UW Friday against Portland. All Seattle people need to go to this game and cheer them on! I'll be there in red (though the red might be underneath a very warm coat).

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