Brian Michaelson Gives Insights

Brian Michaelson may not log the most minutes on the court, but the intelligent senior has a few insights that others don't regarding next season's team. Zags Hoops caught Brian after the first summer school session for a brief Q&A.

ZH: How are your studies coming along and when will you complete your degree? What is your major and GPA?

BM: I completed my undergraduate classes this past May with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I graduated with a 3.66 GPA. Currently I am working toward my MBA, which I will finish in May 2005. I just finished the first summer session and am taking more credits in the second session, starting June 28.

ZH: Tell us what it felt like to earn your scholarship last December. After all the hard work and dedication, that must've been a highlight. How did it happen?

BM: It was a great honor and something I am very thankful and greatful for. It was a highlight, and something I was excited about when the coaches informed me they would be putting me on scholarship.

ZH: Your senior leadership is obvious when watching games and scrimmages. As one of only two seniors on what will be a young team, what do you feel are your strongest contributions and responsibilities, on court and off court, for this summer and next season?

BM: My biggest responsiblities will to be help the team stay focused and on pace to become as good a team as possible. To help keep everyone working hard and together to improve as individuals, and more importantly, as a team. To help enhance team chemistry since we have such a young team, and also provide a leadership and experienced point of view since I have been around for a number of seasons. I feel like I can help the team get through the ups and downs of the year. On the court, i need to be a steady contributor who does what is needed to help the team win games. I mainly need to provide veteran leadership on and off the court.

ZH: It's always hard to compare teams from year to year, but having seen everybody who will be on next season's team, what areas need work the most to compare favorably with the veteran squad of a year ago?

BM: Talent and athleticism wise we will be very comparable to last years team. We have a very deep, big, talented, and athletic group. Since we are young, to become as good as last year's team, we need to grasp the offense, become a great team defensively, become more physical on the glass, and just get used to playing with each other. Other than that, we need big game experience, which only comes with being a part of big games. We will be fine in this area, though, because many of our guys--Ronny, Sean, Derek, Adam, Nathan, Erroll--have all played in many big college games. It is really hard to compare teams because each year is different. Last year's group was unbelievable, and this year's team has a chance to be very good as well.

ZH: A few fun questions. Who is the best shooter? Who is the best passer? Best rebounder? Quickest? Biggest jokester? Most vocal? Most eccentric? Most serious? Most easy-going? Whose musical tastes are the worst?

BM: Best shooter: Too hard because there are so many unbelievable shooters. Hard to go against anyone on the team, but Morrison and Raivio are both great shooters.

Best passer: Again a team of great passers. Sean and Ronny are some great post passers. Derek, Nathan and Pierre can really pass too. Overall, we have great passers at all postitions.

Best rebounder: Haven't got to play with JP yet, but heard he is amazing. Ronny is obviously a fabulous rebounder too. From the wings, Adam and Erroll rebound with the best of them because they are both so long and athletic.

Quickest: Derek and Pierre. Both are too quick for me to tell who is quicker.

Vocal: Ronny brings the most emotion as everyone knows. Adam, Nathan and myself are somewhat vocal as well.

Most serious: Not really sure, everyone is serious about hoops and getting better as a team, so at the gym we are all pretty serious. The guys would probably say I am pretty serious, especially academicallly.

Music: We mainly listen to the same stuff, so everyones tastes are pretty similar. Morrison likes the music turned up the loudest.

ZH: Lastly, what are your plans for the future, after next May whenyou will be finished at Gonzaga?

BM: Right now my plans don't extend much beyond the short run. I am planning to graduate with my MBA in May 2005, and hopefully have a job set up by then. I will start looking for jobs in the late fall, and see where that takes me. I would like to live in the west, but if i get a great job somewhere else i will go try out a new part of the counrty or world. No real plans though, just graduation from graduate school in May.

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