The Kennel Club Diaries - 11/29/01

The third installment of The Kennel Club Diaries includes little brothers, basketball, soccer and turkey.

Thursday November 22nd, 2001 Thanksgiving

I ate a lot.

Gonzaga was on ESPN tonight, a very big game. I watched it on my large home TV with the stereo hooked up to it, I was ready to watch. I started watching in horror as St. John's started to pick us apart. My brother started to make fun of me and the Zags. After straightening him out we started to play better. Gonzaga started playing like we can and came back to get a huge win. Losing the first game of a tournament like this is not in our vocabulary; we came back against a tough team to get another big win.

Friday November 23rd, 2001

This was the day for the big soccer game. I was very proud of the team making its first trip to the tourney ever; this was a big step for our school. The soccer team played hard all year and deserved to go, it is just too bad they had to play conference rival Portland in the first round. It was cold with a little wind at Husky Soccer Stadium (great name, huh?), but I did not feel the cold with a nice hot chocolate in my hand. The field was extremely muddy and barely playable. Seeing the referee slide and fall on the near sideline was a definite highlight of the game. I saw a lot of Gonzaga fans in attendance, but almost as many Pilot fans. I was disappointed with the student turnout, but many alumni managed to make it. Even though we lost 1-0 we fought a good game and Portland's only goal was a miracle kickback off a shot that went off the post. We had many chances to score, only to come up barely short. A special thanks to all the seniors, especially Danny Huet, for all the effort and hard work of the last four years, you will be missed on the soccer field.

After the soccer game I turned my attention to the Gonzaga basketball game that night. It was on Internet radio and I planned to listen to it all. Overall, I think it was a very good game, we were only behind for about ten seconds and Cory made a great comeback. Good win against a top 25 team in Texas. Now on to Marquette.

Saturday November 24th, 2001

With the same routine as before, I watched on ESPN2; it's great to get all this national coverage, about time. This game was not nearly as happy, since it ended with a bad outcome. We could not defend the perimeter, and could not get our shots going. Wish we could have won the tournament, but we lost to a good team that was better then us that one night. Time to come home to some home cooking and take out a couple of teams in The Kennel. Wear red, everyone! Pine-Bluff may sound like a cupcake, but we still need all of your support in the Kennel for every game. Looking forward to three more wins.

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