The Kennel Club Diaries - 12/13

Beating the Huskies from The Kennel Club president's perspective.

Well fans it was a lot of fun tonight.

The Zags and the Huskies, and the Huskies are supposed to be something special. I do not deny that they are going to be a good team, but our guys came out and beat them 67-47 on their own home court. It was just UW's second sellout since the arena re-opened last season. However, I wonder if they should count it as a sellout, because about a quarter of the people there were Zags fans. It just goes to show that we have a great fan base throughout the whole Northwest and UW fans only care about football.

Another great night for our big guys. You got to hand it to Cory Violette recording yet another double-double, 18 points and 13 Rebounds. Then there is Anthony "the ups man" Reason, who grabbed ten boards, many of which were big offensive rebounds. Lastly, Blake Stepp, how about those fifteen points? It was a good thing to see you finally get a couple breaks there, buddy. Keep gutting it out.

I do have to complain about those announcers again, though. Barry Tompkins and Dan something. Guys, I realize you gentlemen are Pac 10 guys, but at least look at our roster a time or two before the broadcast. Berry, you called Zach Gourde, "Mark" Gourde during the starting line ups and then on a fast break you called Blake Stepp "Brad." Dan, you called Ronny Turiaf "Luriaf" more than once. Gentlemen, this is ridiculous. We are the best team in this area and you guys screw up three of our guy's names, that is ridiculous. Barry, you used to announce for ESPN and now you announce for FOX, maybe there is a reason. Do your homework from now on, gentlemen, you are making fools of yourselves at the time being.

Good luck to the team on Saturday and may all you fans who were at the game in Seattle be proud, you did a great job. Wish I could have been there with you all.

Go Zags

Neil Tocher

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