Kennel Club Diaries - 2/21

An interesting account of a spirited week of Zag Hoops is given by an avid member of the Kennel Club.

Saturday/Sunday February 10th, 2002

After celebrating the San Diego win, and finding out that people had started camping out for tickets at about nine o'clock right after the game, I decided I would be one of the stupid/crazy and camp out. We had everything all planned out, brought down our original Nintendo, pitched a tent, brought some very warm clothes, a couple of cold beverages and camped out. Later, a BBQ arrived with the Kennel's president and we ate a lot. It was very cold out, but we were pumped. We got to wait in line for twenty hours! Yes!! I tried playing a little Tecmo Super Bowl, but my hands froze and I could not hit the buttons anymore so I decided to go to bed and wait till morning. Did I mention it was cold? I woke up about eight AM and some people brought some donuts, thank you to all who did! They would not let us in till ten, so we waited around and talked for a couple of hours. At a little after ten we were let in and because we had nice position, we got a good spot with lots of room. We had one TV on the Olympics/All-Star Game and another one with Nintendo on it, it was fun. At about eleven I actually got to go home and shower, probably the highlight of the day. The local TV news came at about five (memories are a little hazy) and did a live broadcast from the Martin Center, kind of fun. They finally gave out tickets at seven and the line was not as long as I thought it was. When everybody got there couches and TV's out the line really shrank! The team came by and handed out some pizzas, thanks guys. At about 7:30 I finally went home and got some sleep after twenty hours in line.

Thursday February 14th, 2002

Loyola-Marymount. The warm-up before the big game. This was actually a much better game than I thought it would be and they put up a great fight (literally). The strategy they had was to slow the game down A LOT and foul as much as they could. They did both and still could not pull it off. Cory got so mad he got a technical from all the fouling. They had one guy foul out at about the ten minute mark in the game and he started to cry on the bench. We are ruthless in the Kennel, but that guy was obviously putting in his best effort so we left him alone. The two best chants of the night were counting the passes they had (they had so many, really started to get into their heads), and the Koombiya my Lord, Koombiya (sp?) chant. At every timeout they would bring these chairs out, looked like they were having a meeting around a campfire. At one timeout the first three rows sat down and start chanting "Koombiya My Lord, Koombiya!" It was great… Now for the real game!

Saturday February 16th, 2002

The day started off well with breakfast with roommates and friends and preparing for the upcoming night of basketball. I then went to the Kennel Party, which then flowed down to the Martin Center. They would not let us in the Kennel till six, so I got into line with some friends at about five, and within the next few minutes got to the front of the line. Ah, great to be a senior, I respect the guys who were in line for over twenty-four hours, but it was my last game and to the front I went. The entire first row was populated with painted seniors, while the second row (which I was in, you have no idea what four years of college will do to a person, so painting was not an option) was where I resided. Took so long for the game to come, but when it did, it was everything it was cracked up to be. I am still sore as I write this three days later from jumping up and down all game.

Well, I write this diary to give everyone an inside look into the Kennel, and this is as close as it gets. Here is the flier we passed out to the Kennel on Pepperdine in its entirety. We did not use it all, and some were added (like "NBA Reject!" to Westphal), but this is what was prepared, with help from a Pepperdine manager, I might add!

Devin Montgomery, #1 – couldn't make grades at Duquesne University, transferred to Moorpark Community College for a year, and then went to Pepperdine. He also transferred three times in high school and gained some notoriety for it… Basically, he failed out of school and has transferred A LOT.

Craig Lewis, #11 – Nickname is "C-Lu", chant "Lu-cy", hit the miracle 3 against USC.

Micah McKinney, #12 – went to Dominguez High school from Compton and won mythical national high school championship.

Terrance Johnson, #20 – from Dallas, thinks he is Iverson, "You're not Iverson."

Glen McGowan, #22 – He was suspended for the first semester of the year for getting in a fight with Kimble. McGowan had some issues with Will Kimble (#52) and one day this summer they were both studying in the library when they got into an argument. McGowan then left the library, got his DAD and BROTHER to back him up and kicked the crap out of Kimble while McGowan's DAD held everybody back. Academic Major: Undeclared.

Gary Colbert, #23 – Partial qualifier out of high school, played for Utah for two years then transferred to Dixie State College for a year, then went to Pepperdine, "Do your homework."

Mike Westphal, #25 – Coaches son, enough said, "Daddy's Boy."

Jimmy Miggins, #32 – Another academic problem, Prop 48 (not good enough grades in high school, goes to college on probation), got qualified, then flunked out of San Jose State, went to Santa Monica City College, couldn't make it there, went to Los Angeles City College for two years, then on to Pepperdine. Also has a strong resemblance to Snoop Dog.

"Boomer" Brazzle, #34 – From Portland, extremely bad dental hygiene.

Will Kimble, #52 – got the crap beat out of him by McGowan, Academic Major: Punching bag.

Cedric Suitt, #55 – From Atlanta, sing "Peaches" by the President's or "Peaches and Cream" when at the line.

Jay Bilas from ESPN is going to be doing the color commentary, he has constantly supported us and been a fan, let's give him some props.

It is also Senior Night for Dan Dickau, Alex Hernandez, and Anthony Reason, please give them our appreciation, form a tunnel to locker room on the court after the game and give them a great send-off!

The Game--

We started out on an 11-0 run and we started "Welcome to the Kennel!…Welcome to the Kennel!," which prompted Westphal to call a timeout. The Pepperdine players had a glazed look on their faces from which they never recovered. If that two had not been credited to some Pepperdine player who wasn't even playing, it would have been much worse. The refereeing was horrible, they miss the basket and let it be given to Pepperdine, they let Westphal run across the entire court right before a timeout and did not T him up, and had numerous bad calls throughout the game. At the end, we won, which is all that matters. We did not rush the court (though we did rush Jay Bilas in his after game talk to ESPN, "Hope Bilas made it out of the game alive") and thought we handled ourselves with attitude.

I will be traveling to San Diego and Sacramento if we are put there for the first two rounds. Good luck in the last two games of the year and let's take the WCC tournament! Wow, 24-3 and 7th in the country, what a ride these four years have been!

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