Just Call Her "Hawk-Eye"

Maybe she has the wit of the M*A*S*H character played by Alan Alda, or maybe she has an eye for the basket like a hawk has an eye for its prey. Either way, Stephanie Hawk figures to be a key to the success of the Lady Zags' 2005-06 team.

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GN: What are you majoring in at Gonzaga and what have you thought about doing once your basketball playing days are over? What has been your favorite class so far?

SH: I am majoring in marketing. I do not know exactly what I want to do when I am done playing basketball, but I know that it has to be a job that is exciting and offers something different everyday. My favorite class so far has been photography. I really liked learning how to make the prints, and to look at objects and everyday happenings from a different perspective.

GN: Starting at the beginning, have you always been tall or did you have a sudden growth spurt? And did your height factor into you realizing hoops was your future in sports? Also, what other sports have you tried and how good were you?

SH: Even when I was younger I was always the tallest in my class. I never went through a growth spurt and I am very thankful for that. I believe that since I did not have a growth spurt I never went through that awkward stage of getting accustomed to my body. I also think that by not having a growth spurt I avoided a lot of the growing pains most children get. Going through school I did not know that I was going to advance my talents in basketball to the college level until after my sophomore year in high school. My parents always encouraged me to participate in many different sports, so I was always busy with trying to be the best in whatever sport was in season. I participated in basketball my whole life, played volleyball in middle-school, and played softball until I was a sophomore in high school. I always held my own in each sport that I did, but basketball was where I shined the most.

GN: Describe your recruitment and how you came to choose Gonzaga. I believe you and Ashley Anderson come from small Oregon towns, how was it growing up there and was it hard to get basketball exposure to colleges?

SH: During high school I was recruited heavily and it was a very stressful time in my life. Even though it was stressful I was fortunate to get so many looks so I could find the best school to fit me. My high-school team made it to state every year which got me some exposure, but what got me the most exposure was playing on traveling teams that went to big tournaments during the summer. My first year of playing on a traveling team was for the Idaho Hoopla, and then the next summer I played for the Spokane Stars. Ultimately I choose Gonzaga because of the coaching staff and the players. Gonzaga had been following me throughout my whole high-school career, so I knew that they knew what style of player I was; many teams who had recruited me had only seen one maybe two games and that made me leery.

GN: You've played one year in the old Kennel and one year in the new Kennel. Please describe for us the differences in playing in both.

SH: Being able to play in the new Kennel is an amazing experience. At first though we were a little worried that it would seem so empty because we pulled such little crowds, but as we know that has changed dramatically. Playing in front of all the new fans that filled the new Kennel was so amazing. It makes the atmosphere so much more exciting and more intense to play in. Even though playing in the new Kennel is a great experience, I still miss the old Kennel. I miss the old Kennel because so much had happened there, but most of all it was my first college court that I played on in my college career. I love playing in the new Kennel and I loved playing in the old Kennel, but I think it is the fans, my teammates and coaches that make any gym that I have played in special. If I did not have all these things then I would have very little fond memories of either gym.

GN: Tell us what your personal goals are for your junior year, and what you seeing your role on the team is, now that you're an upperclassman and fellow post player Ashley Burke is gone.

SH: Probably one of my biggest goals for my junior year is to be a good team leader and help the underclassmen just like my upper classmates did for me. Other goals are having good shooting percentages from the floor and line, always blocking out, getting stronger, and broadening my skills. I think it is too early to determine exactly what my role on the team is going to be because we lost four big players on our team, but I know that I am definitely going to pass on all the knowledge that I have learned from players like Burke.

GN: What has been the most thrilling moment for you at Gonzaga so far, and conversely, what has been the most disappointing moment?

SH: The most thrilling moments at Gonzaga for me would have to be playing in front of a sold out crowd and going through league undefeated. The most disappointing moments in my career have been not being able to capture that WCC tournament title and to make it to the NCAA tournament.

GN: Off the court, what does Stephanie Hawk enjoying doing, you know, favorite movies, music, hobbies, activities, etc.?

SH: I'm a pretty easy-going girl, so I enjoy most anything. During the summer my favorite times are spent boating with family and friends; we usually wakeboard, ski, kneeboard, and tube. I also enjoy playing my guitar, riding horses, eating (I love food), and hanging out with my family and friends. I enjoy all types of activities so I am usually looking for new things to learn or compete at. Some of my favorite movies include 8 Seconds, 50 First Dates, Tombstone, and Sweet Home Alabama. I love all music except for hard heavy metal stuff. My music collection contains a little bit of everything, but mostly country.

GN: You're visiting with Rachel Kane in Hawaii this summer. Fill us mainland people in on all the places, activities, sights, etc., that Rachel has shown you.

SH: I was lucky enough to stay with Rachel for two weeks, and I think she took me to do everything and anything that was possible to do on the island! We went surfing, snorkeling, hiking, boogie boarding, canoeing, kayaking, and the list goes on and on. The two hikes that we went on included hiking Maka Pu and Diamond Head. These are relatively easy to hike, and once you reach the top the scenery is breathtaking. We visited the Polynesian Cultural Center. This was neat to go to because I got to learn about all the different islands and their cultures. We drove up to the North Shore and visited Pipeline, Turtle Beach, and saw all the pineapple fields. We also went to this concert called Birthday Bash. Birthday Bash is a two day event when all the bands from the islands get together and perform. It was a lot of fun for me because I enjoy Hawaiian music and I knew a lot of the songs. I had a blast with Rachel and I am very excited to visit her again on the lovely island of O'ahu.

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