Meet Walkon Andrew Sorenson

Andrew Sorenson gets a chance to live a dream by making Gonzaga's men's basketball team via tryouts. Andrew gives fans some insights into his game, who he is and much more in this interview.

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ZagNut08: Tell us about your basketball background.

Andrew Sorenson: I have been playing since third grade, AAU, then middle school ball, and then high school. I started on the C team as a freshman, then I came off the bench as a sophomore on JV, then I played two years varsity at Olympia High School but really didn't see significant time until my senior year. My junior year I broke my hand and missed a month of the season. I started most of the games my senior year. I play mostly the guard spots and some small forward. As a freshman here at GU my team and I won the Men's A Intramural League Championship and then also won the men's bracket at Aprilfest put on by GU.

ZagNut08: Were you recruited by any colleges coming out of high school?

Andrew Sorenson: Only one small community college called Grays Harbor Community College. That was it.

ZagNut08: What made you choose Gonzaga? Did the chance to play for one of the nation's best programs affect your decision?

Andrew Sorenson: What made me choose Gonzaga was the great reputation of excellence the school had. The chance to play did not effect my decision at all. Looking for colleges I told myself that playing ball was not going to effect my decision but I had made up my mind that wherever I went I was going to try and walk on to the team. So later on in life I would never say, "What if."

ZagNut08: Did you try out for the team last year, and have you been in contact with the coaches about playing for the Zags?

Andrew Sorenson: I did try out last year and at that time they told me that I was not a Division 1 athlete and they asked me to be a manager so I did that for a day and decided it wasn't really for me at that time. I told the Assistant Coach thanks for the opportunity but as a freshman I just wanted to get settled before I had such a commitment to make. So I just chose to play at the field house with all the guys everyday and I had a great time getting to do that. All of those guys are really good friends. And over the summer I e-mailed one of the assistant coaches a couple of times but nothing big.

ZagNut08: Could you tell us what the tryouts were like?

Andrew Sorenson: Tryouts were only a couple drills. They were very quick, a couple of lay-up and shooting drills, and then some one on one, then three on three. There were a total of six guys who tried out for the team this year.

ZagNut08: Describe a typical day in your life before making the team.

Andrew Sorenson: Wake up early, 6:30 am and go to the gym to work out and then go to class and then around 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm I would head back down to the gym to play ball with all the guys down at the gym. I enjoyed working out and keeping in shape, and so that was just something I did all the time. If I wasn't in my room I was usually at the gym.

ZagNut08: Describe the type of player you think you are, and which GU player, past or present, do you see yourself as?

Andrew Sorenson: I am a defense first type of player. I love being the one who takes the challenge of guarding the other team's best player. I love shutting the other team's #1 guy down. It is safe to say that the harder I am challenged and the better I play at defense during the game, the better I play over all. I also never give up, I go all out on every play, and I leave everything on the court. When it comes to offense I love making the three but I also like driving and taking the pull-up and I really love running in the open court. In offense I am a pass first kind of player, when I have a team that knows what to do I love making the pass to the open guy and I also love playing against zones and finding the hole in the zone. I don't really know what player I remind myself of. I am myself and I am just trying to make the best with what I have.

ZagNut08: As a fan of Gonzaga Basketball, what have been you most exciting game to be at or watch?

Andrew Sorenson: My most exciting game to be at or watch as a GU fan was last years Homecoming game vs. the University of Portland and me and a whole bunch of buddies camped out and then got front row right behind the TV announcers for the game. We all painted Go Bulldogs! on our bodies and I was the "!". I was also wearing a black wig and I got some good TV time on ESPN2 because of it. So that was pretty cool. But all in all, every game was pretty fun because all the guys in the front row are some of my really good friends and every game we all camped out for the games and took shifts so we could go to class and then when it came time for the game, we were crazy. It was a blast.

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