Morrisons - Pre-Draft

Adam and his family take in New York City before the big night which promises to see the Mead High School and Spokane product become a high lottery pick. Tune into ESPN at 4:00pm PDT or ESPN Radio at 4:20pm PDT to see or hear where Adam goes in the NBA draft.

The Morrison family arrived in New York on Saturday and they've had the week of their lives. From private VIP transfers into town to private VIP tours of the city -- it's been non-stop excitement.

Seen here triple-teamed by UCLA in the Sweet Sixteen, Adam Morrison will bring his fire and passion to an NBA team Wednesday evening.

Monday night the Morrison's scored the "Joe DiMaggio" luxury suite in The Stadium to take in the Atlanta Braves vs New York Yankee game. In the 3rd inning, 4 field level, low row seats found their way into Adam's hands -- courtesy of the Yankees. Adam, his father John, an uncle and friend decided to go down to see the game from that angle. Big mistake. They only lasted about an inning and a half. Adam was deluged with well wishers -- autograph seekers -- and all of a sudden there was a Yankee Stadium mess from multiple perspectives (aisles blocked -- views obstructed -- and a security nightmare). They made their way back to the Joe DiMaggio suite and enjoyed the rest of 5-2 Yankee victory from there. Lesson learned -- Adam's popularity has outgrown the "509", the "208", the "406", the "365", and just about every other Northwest area code, and entered the "212" region.

Tuesday was another busy day -- after breakfast with his family, Adam (and a few of the other draft prospects) had charity hoops games with New York kids, and multiple interviews from virutally all media outlets. He made an appearance at the NBA Store and was interviewed at their "Center Court" studio for NBA TV's predraft show. Adam was joined by Randy Foye, Tyrus Thomas and Rudy Gay.

The Morrisons were very excited to learn of the birth of Mark and Marcy Few's daughter. They were equally excited to learn that Gonzaga assistant Tommy Lloyd would be in New York to share the draft experience with them.

All in all, it's been a great week so far for Adam and his family. They've specifically stayed away from trying to follow all the pre-draft rumors -- they're just enjoying the experience and know that a lot will get sorted out tonight.

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