CDC's Take: Matt Bouldin

6'5" 215 lbs freshman Matt Bouldin might not be the flashiest newcomer to D1 hoops, but according to one longtime basketball afficianado, Matt ranks among the very best in the country after his first handful of games.

The antithesis of me-first basketball is Matt Bouldin, who's Greg Hicks rated as the top guard in the west. He's still the best freshman I have seen play a single game this season besides Kevin Durant. And when I say that, I am not saying that Matt has better upside than Chase Budinger or a number of other freshman around the country, including Quincy Pondexter or Spencer Hawes. Yes, it was only one game against Eastern Washington, and he made some freshman mistakes and will continue to do so, but Matt has already shown to me that he isn't just talented, but that he's committed to helping his team, and most of all, making his teammates better.

Matt (in white) plays defense, too

Kevin Durant, a December 2nd foe of the Zags, is an incredible individual talent with gobs of athleticism, skill and length, and surely would look good at AAU camps, but it is so obvious when you watch him play that he has a team-first mentality and an absolute commitment to winning. He plays hard on both ends of the floor and makes his teammates better when he is out there.

I saw the UW-Pepperdine game in its entirety, and I was very impressed with Hawes' passing skills in the low post, which are a reflection of his commitment to his team. Then again, I was hardly surprised because I had seen him do that kind of thing before. I still think Bouldin had the more impressive debut, though.

Is CDC84 off his rocker, or do any of the college basketball experts agree?

Stay tuned for more thoughts, insights and analysis of the Zags; the players, the team and much more.

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