Josh Heytvelt's Visit to GU Goes Well

Josh Heytvelt and his parents Rolin and Michelle unofficially visited Gonzaga University Thursday, August 22, and by all accounts it went very well.

A couple days after Josh Heytvelt unofficially visited Gonzaga, we asked the 6'9" Clarkston star for his impressions of the home of the Zags. What stood out most were 1) the team, 2) The Kennel and 3) how quiet the campus is. "I really liked The Kennel," Josh explained. "I liked the closeness of it." Asked if he had ever watched a game in person in The Kennel and he said no but hopes to this coming season. "I hear it gets pretty crazy."

Yes, it certainly does.

Josh also commented on the GU campus, calling it quiet and small.

For a few hours in Martin Centre, it was a glimpse into the future of Gonzaga Bulldog basketball as Sean Mallon, Erroll Knight, Adam Morrison and David Pendergraft joined Heytvelt in pick up games, along with Zach Gourde, Tony Skinner and Colin Floyd.

Josh matched up against Zach Gourde and showed the on-lookers just why Gonzaga is recruiting him so seriously. Displaying solid defense, a smooth and accurate outside shot, and some nifty inside moves, plus a power move down the lane that was the stuff of highlight reels.

With his parents looking on, Heytvelt, Mallon, Morrison and Pendergraft took timeout for a quick run to the Northtown Dairy Queen before returning for some serious hoops that would see the young group outscore the older Zags.

The visit went well, according to Josh, and it won't be the last visit. Clarkston High School is a regular at Gonzaga's summer team camps and Heytvelt indicated he'd be back to play pick up games with all the Zags, many of whom were gone for the final two weeks before school begins.

Josh Heytvelt is being recruited nationwide.

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