Mike pays Butte a Visit

A surprise visitor scopes out enemy territory in Butte, Montana.

Famous Gonzagan is Here for a Rest and Lookover

Mike, famous Gonzagan, has arrived in Butte and is looking over the territory on a preliminary inspection before the Bulldogs come here next fall to battle the Saints of St. Charles College in Helena.

Mike is a famous grid character. He is a living symbol of the Gonzaga spirit. Jaws well set, and a glare that is ferocity itself. Mike steps along hefty pins. No doubt as to his strength, and if any ambitious person wants to test his spirit, they can just take a boot at him and if he doesn't tear away the seat of somebody's pants, somebody's lucky.

This Mike fellow is under the direction of Ed McGonigle, student manager. He attracts no little attention when strutting his stuff about the city and Ed is forever saving the lives of other would-be scrappers who would pick on Mike.

This St. Charles game brings no comment from Mike. He just glares in a belligerent manner as if to say, "Tough on the Saints, but they'll all be saints when we get through with them October 22."

Mike is in the harness already. As a matter of fact, his harness glistens in the sunlight. He's training all the time. Eats raw meat and chews up stray canines for pastime. Just an out-and-out tough monkey.

Speaking of Gonzaga, Mike would say nothing when interviewed. Just his way. Isn't much of a talker. He's really on vacation and came to Butte to test the climate. The way the Bulldogs tore up the Grizzlies here two years ago was a caution and Mike attributed it largely to the splendid condition of his protoges and the fact that they knew how to inhale Montana ozone.

This Mike fellow is an English Bulldog. A husky brute. He's Gonzaga's mascot. He will spend the summer here with Mac (Ed McGonigle).

This article was originally published in The Butte Daily Post on Friday, July 22, 1927.

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